The best museums in Amsterdam in December 2023

These are the top 100 best museums in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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  1. Anne Frank House1

    Anne Frank House

    The Anne Frank House is the house where the Jewish girl Anne Frank was hiding with seven others for more than two years in World War II. The museum owns the original diaries and writings of Anne Frank. An important part of the museum is the ‘Achterhuis’, the place where Anne Frank hid and wrote her
  2. Van Gogh Museum2

    Van Gogh Museum

    More than 860 paintings and nearly 1,200 works on paper by Vincent van Gogh have been preserved. The Van Gogh Museum owns the largest Van Gogh collection, consisting of 201 paintings, 437 drawings and 31 prints. In addition to works by Van Gogh, the museum exhibits a collection of works by other maj
  3. Rijksmuseum3


    The Rijksmuseum is located in a unique historical building from 1885 by architect PJH Cuypers. The museum is dedicated to Dutch art and Dutch history. The collection is exhibited in over two hundred rooms and includes works by Dutch masters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hals
  4. Rembrandt House Museum4

    Rembrandt House Museum

    The Rembrandt House Museum is housed in the former house of the Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. This famous painter lived and worked in this house for nearly twenty years. The interior is restored to the style of the times in which Rembrandt lived. The museum displays paintings by artists who work
  5. Artis Royal Zoo5

    Artis Royal Zoo

    Artis is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands that opened its doors in 1838. The zoo features 27 historic buildings, of which most date from the 19th century. Because of this, Artis has a distinctive charm and a historical dimension that lacks in more modern zoos. The monumental aquarium contains tropi
  6. Dutch Resistance Museum6

    Dutch Resistance Museum

    The Dutch Resistance Museum illustrates the history of people in times of war. The visitor learns about the Holocaust, resistance and daily life. The exhibition consists of authentic objects, film and audio clips, documents and photos. In addition there is a permanent exhibition on the Dutch East In
  7. Heineken Experience7

    Heineken Experience

    The Heineken Experience is housed in the former Heineken brewery in 1876. The building has served as a Heineken brewery until 1988. Visitors are introduced to more than 150 years of craftsmanship. In a show, Heineken shows that it is the most international beer in the world. In a 4D experience visit
  8. Museum Our Lord in the Attic8

    Museum Our Lord in the Attic

    Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder is a former clandestine church. The building looks like an ordinary canal house. It is one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands. The 17th century church with an altar, corridors and approximately 150 seats is situated in the attic. After the Protestant Reformatio
  9. The National Maritime Museum9

    The National Maritime Museum

    The National Maritime Museum holds one of the world's largest and most notable maritime collections including paintings, ship models, navigation instruments and sea charts. Discover 500 years of Dutch maritime history and its strong link to society of today and tomorrow. The collection includes ship
  10. Online discount!Madame Tussauds Amsterdam10

    Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

    Madame Tussauds Amsterdam is a wax museum. The collection of wax sculptures includes famous pop stars, monarchs and famous Dutch painters, but also wax sculptures of movie stars and famous people like Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. In addition there are moving sculptures and vibr
  11. Online discount!Body Worlds: The Happiness Project11

    Body Worlds: The Happiness Project

    Body Worlds: The Happiness Project is a permanent exhibition. The exhibition illustrates the story of the human body and the impact of happiness on health. More than 200 anatomical specimens of human bodies are exhibited that illustrate the complexity, resilience and vulnerability of the human body.
  12. NEMO Science Museum12

    NEMO Science Museum

    NEMO Science Museum is located on the foundations of the IJ-tunnel in a building from 1997 designed by Renzo Piano. It is the largest science museum in the Netherlands. The visitor can discover the world of science and technology, by doing experiments on scientific and technical developments related
  13. Tropenmuseum13


    The Tropenmuseum is housed in a monumental building on the grounds of the former ‘Oosterbegraafplaats’. The museum illustrates different cultures and the daily lives of people around the world. The collection consists of artworks, utensils, films, music and photos. The visitor travels through the wo
  14. Online discount!Fabrique des Lumières14

    Fabrique des Lumières

    Fabrique des Lumières brings art to life: the work of the greatest artists ever, combined with image and sound using new technology.
  15. Hermitage Amsterdam15

    Hermitage Amsterdam

    The Hermitage Amsterdam is part of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg (Russia). The museum organizes changing art exhibitions. A new exhibition is opened twice a year. The exhibited collections are on various topics such as Alexander the Great, Flemish art, religious art or Russian tsars. A separate bu
  16. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam16

    Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

    The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is the must-see museum of modern and contemporary art and design. The collection is one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary art and design in the world. The most meaningful movements in both art and design are represented with (inter)national
  17. Jewish Museum17

    Jewish Museum

    The Jewish Museum is housed in four synagogues. It is a modern museum about Judaism. Three exhibitions illustrate the culture and history of Jews in the Netherlands. The exhibitions consist of various utensils, paintings, drawings, films, photos and 3D presentations. Part of the museum is the Jewish
  18. Amsterdam Museum18

    Amsterdam Museum

    The Amsterdam Museum presents exhibitions on a wide range of urban issues. We share knowledge, show art and heritage, and tell relevant stories - past, present and future. Historical and contemporary stories that make the city what it is, in all its forms. We do this at our museum locations in the h
  19. Portugese Synagoge19

    Portugese Synagoge

    The Portuguese Synagogue, also called Esnoga, is a synagogue that dates to the 17th century. At the time of construction it was the largest synagogue in the world. The building is still used for worship by the Portuguese Jewish Community. The collection illustrates the four century history of the Po
  20. Royal Palace of Amsterdam20

    Royal Palace of Amsterdam

    The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is the palace of the royal family where visitors are received. When the palace is not used by the royal family, the building is open to the public. It was built between 1648 and 1665 as a town hall, designed by Jacob van Campen. Several works by famous artists refer to
  21. The Museum of the Canals21

    The Museum of the Canals

    Museum of the Canals is housed in a monumental seventeenth-century canal house. The museum illustrates the Amsterdam city expansion that was caused by the construction of canals. In addition to an interactive tour, there is a temporary exhibition in our period rooms.
  22. Online discount!Red Light Secrets: Museum of Prostitution22

    Red Light Secrets: Museum of Prostitution

    The Museum of Prostitution illustrates the life of prostitutes that work in the Red Light District, as well as illustrate the life of courtesans in brothels.
  23. EYE23


    The EYE Film museum is housed in the iconic white building at the IJ. Everything is film in EYE. This national museum of film manages more than forty thousand movies and features every genre: a representative selection of movie history, with classics blockbusters and cult movies. It is a museum of f
  24. Micropia24


    Micropia is located in the historic ‘Ledenlokalen’ from 1870. In Micropia the invisible world of microorganisms is made visible and accessible for a broad audience. Micro-organisms such as fungi and bacteria are everywhere and define how our world looks like. Visitors are informed about current issu
  25. 25

    Amaze Amsterdam

  26. Joods Historisch Kindermuseum26

    Joods Historisch Kindermuseum

    In the Jewish Historical Children Museum, children from 6 to 12 years are introduction to Jewish life and Jewish traditions.
  27. The Willet-Holthuysen House27

    The Willet-Holthuysen House

    The Willet-Holthuysen House is housed in a double mansion from 1687. In the 19th century it was the house of Abraham Willet and his wife Louisa Willet-Holthuysen. The museum consists of a dining room, a ballroom, a garden room and a corridor on the first floor that illustrate how wealthy people from
  28. 28

    Cannabis Museum Amsterdam

  29. Museum Het Schip29

    Museum Het Schip

    World-renowned expressionist building "Het Schip" ("the ship") is the most famous work by Amsterdam School architect Michel de Klerk, which was completed in 1921. The museum located in the building is dedicated to the Amsterdam School, an architecture style. The former post office designed by the a
  30. Foam30


    Foam is a photography museum of photography in all its forms. The museum organises temporary exhibitions in which various photographic genres are covered, from fashion to documentary and from historical to contemporary. The museum exhibits both works by famous photographers as works by young talent.
  31. Diamond Museum Amsterdam31

    Diamond Museum Amsterdam

    The Diamond Museum Amsterdam illustrates the mining, the grinding and the processing of diamonds. The museum displays several famous diamonds, including the world's smallest diamond, which can be seen through a microscope. In addition, the visitor gets information about the diamond city Amsterdam, w
  32. Allard Pierson32

    Allard Pierson

    In the Allard Pierson you discover the heritage collections of the University of Amsterdam. The permanent presentation, ‘From the Nile to the Amstel’, invites visitors on a journey through 10,000 years of cultural history. The presentation starts in ancient Egypt and, once renovations are completed,
  33. Online discount!Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum33

    Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

    Learn more about the many uses of cannabis, visit the garden with real cannabis plants or try a vaporizer in the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum. The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam is the oldest and most important museum in the world dedicated to Cannabis sativa L., also known as hemp or
  34. Moco Museum34

    Moco Museum

    The Moco museum (Modern Contemporary) in Amsterdam wants to make a wide range of modern and contemporary art available to the general public and focuses on the so-called ‘Rock Stars of Art’. Don’t be suprised if you find works of Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Damien Hir
  35. Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography35

    Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography

    Amsterdam’s 1st Museum for Photography. Two monumental canal houses to feel at home. Exhibiting the artistic nature of photography, fourteen exhibition spaces, bookshop, library and garden. Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography is housed in a monumental canal house from 1665. It is the first muse
  36. Museum Tot Zover36

    Museum Tot Zover

    Museum Tot Zover shows how people dealt with death in the past, and how they deal with it now and in the future. Central topics in the museum are the body, rituals, memento mori and mourning and remembrance. The collection includes death masks, paintings, miniature hearses and urns and caskets. Chil
  37. Molen van Sloten - Kuiperijmuseum37

    Molen van Sloten - Kuiperijmuseum

    The Molen van Sloten – Kuiperijmuseum includes an original ‘poldermolen’ and a museum where visitors learn how barrels are made. The Molen van Sloten is a functioning ‘poldermolen’ and is the only mill in Amsterdam that is daily open to the public. It is a ‘stellingmolen’ with a backside that was re
  38. Hollandsche Schouwburg38

    Hollandsche Schouwburg

    The Hollandsche Schouwburg is a war memorial for the Dutch Jews that were murdered in the Second World War. The permanent exhibition on the Holocaust in '40-'45 focusses on the deportation of the Jews. Videos, photos, models and various objects illustrate the discrimination, deportation and extermin
  39. Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam39

    Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

    The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, founded in 1638. The garden is about 3 acres in size and is home to 6,000 plants of over 4,000 species. In addition to an outdoor garden, the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam has a number of greenhouses which accommodate p
  40. House of Bols40

    House of Bols

    House of Bols takes visitors on a journey through the "World of flavor". All the senses are stimulated in the Hall of Taste and Genever Room, and visitors discover the secrets of 38 Bols liqueurs and Bols Genever.
  41. Beurs van Berlage41

    Beurs van Berlage

    The Beurs van Berlage was designed as a commodity exchange by architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage. The building was constructed between 1896 and 1903 and now serves as a centre for exhibitions and conferences.
  42. Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art42

    Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art

    Museum of the Mind is fascinated by the work of art inside your head. Because nothing is as diverse, unique, powerful and yet so fragile as the human mind. Through its art and cultural programmes, the museum helps to bring mental health and neurodiversity into the open. Museum van de Geest | Outside
  43. Cat Cabinet43

    Cat Cabinet

    The Cat Cabinet is housed in a canal house at the 'Golden Bend'. It features a collection of art objects that are related to cats. The museum shows how great painters of the past and present were or are inspired by cats. The collection consists of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures in which
  44. Amsterdam Arena Stadium Tour44

    Amsterdam Arena Stadium Tour

  45. Fashion for Good Museum45

    Fashion for Good Museum

    In the museum, you will learn where your clothes come from and discover the innovations shaping the future of fashion. Throughout the building, you can find concrete ways to have a positive impact, commit to taking action and shop sustainable products (that is, when you need to shop at all). The Fa
  46. Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience46

    Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience

    Rembrandt is perhaps one of the most famous painters in the world. Rembrandt lived in bustling Amsterdam of the 17th century. He was able to become quite successful and his studio grew into a true 'painter's empire'. Rembrandt was also a collector, he bought many exotic things, brought by merchants
  47. Biblical Museum47

    Biblical Museum

    The Bijbels Museum makes temporary, travelling exhibitions which we present in collaboration with/at many different locations in The Netherlands, museums, churches or other public venues. All exhibitions have a connection to the Bible of biblical stories. Most of them reach out to other spiritual bo
  48. Groote Museum48

    Groote Museum

    At the Groote Museum you will discover where we come from, how we are connected and what we depend on. With these insights about yourself and your relationship to other life, the question "where are we going?" comes closer. But it starts with you. In the Groote Museum you go on a personal expeditio
  49. Sexmuseum Amsterdam49

    Sexmuseum Amsterdam

    The Sex Museum Amsterdam is housed in a 17th century building. It is the first and oldest sex museum in the world. The museum features a maze of corridors and rooms. It covers everything that has to do with sensual love. The collection includes erotic objects, photographs, paintings, recordings, scu
  50. Museum Van Loon50

    Museum Van Loon

    Museum van Loon is located on the Keizersgracht in the house of the regent family Van Loon. Willem van Loon was the co-founder of The Dutch East India Company in 1602. One of the residents of this 17th century canal house was Dutch painter Ferdinand Bol, a pupil of Rembrandt. Portraits, silverware,
  51. Cheese Museum51

    Cheese Museum

    In the Amsterdam Cheese Museum visitors can relive the history of cheese making and experience the unique flavor of Dutch cheese.
  52. Oude Kerk52

    Oude Kerk

    The Oude Kerk is the oldest building of Amsterdam and youngest place for contemporary art. Inside you can see site specific art exhibitions, period rooms and an impressive tombstone floor. The wife and muse of Rembrandt van Rijn, is one of the thousands of people who lies buried in the Oude Kerk
  53. Houseboat Museum53

    Houseboat Museum

    At the Houseboat Museum, you get the chance to experience first-hand what it’s like to live in a houseboat on an Amsterdam canal. The museum is located in the “Hendrika Maria”, a former cargo ship built in 1914. The cargo hold is now a cosy living space featuring all the conveniences and a surprisin
  54. Electric Ladyland54

    Electric Ladyland

    Electric Ladyland is a museum on fluorescent art. The museum consists of two parts. One part consists of a large fluorescent area. Visitors become a part of this fluorescent art area, and experience the so called ‘Participatory Art’. The other part features a permanent exhibition with fluorescent mi
  55. Amsterdam Pipe Museum55

    Amsterdam Pipe Museum

    The Amsterdam Pipe Museum is housed in a seventeenth-century canal house in Amsterdam. It offers the smoking culture in the world over 25 centuries, by exhibiting a collection of smoking pipes and tobacco-related paraphernalia. The collection consists of more than 30,000 objects, of which about thre
  56. Erotic Museum56

    Erotic Museum

    The Erotic museum illustrates the art and history of seduction. The collection of the museum includes images, films and various other objects that give an overview of eroticism through the years. The first floor features an exhibition of erotic objects. One floor up features an exhibition with eroti
  57. Amsterdam Tulip Museum57

    Amsterdam Tulip Museum

    The Amsterdam Tulip Museum demonstrates the history of the tulip in the Netherlands. The museum gives information on the tulip mania and the economic power of the flower during the Golden Age in the seventeenth century. The museum also shows how bulbs served as food for people during wars and the or
  58. De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam58

    De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

    The Nieuwe Kerk is a church building from the early 15th century. It is one of the most important monuments of Amsterdam. It is the place where the Dutch head of state is inaugurated. Changing temporary exhibitions are organized in the building on, among other themes, religions, cultures and treasur
  59. Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam59

    Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam

    The Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam commutes with old trams from the Haarlemmermeerstation in Amsterdam to Bovenkerk Station in Amstelveen. There are trips with various trams from the period 1904 - 1954, from various European cities.
  60. Pianola Museum60

    Pianola Museum

    The Pianola Museum is located in the Jordaan. It is one of the smaller museums of Amsterdam. The museum collection consists mainly of player pianos and different other types of pianos that can play automatically. In addition to the instruments, the Pianola museum also owns some 30,000 music rolls th
  61. Max Euwe Centrum61

    Max Euwe Centrum

    The Max Euwe Centrum illustrates the chess career of Max Euwe (1901-1981). The chess player was world champion in the period 1935-1937. The museum displays photos, objects and documents that illustrate the life and work of Max Euwe. In addition, the museum also covers the history of chess in general
  62. Amsterdam City Archive62

    Amsterdam City Archive

    The Amsterdam City Archive is the historical documentation centre of Amsterdam. It has a total of 35 kilometers of archives. The core of the archives are the archives of the city and the city’s government institutions, businesses and services. In addition to archives of the government, the Amsterdam
  63. Museum Vrolik63

    Museum Vrolik

    Museum Vrolik is an anatomical museum that is part of the AMC. The museum illustrates diseases and what diseases do to a body. The collection of the museum includes normal anatomy of humans and animals, but also, pathological anatomy and birth defects. There are approximately 10,000 objects, anatomi
  64. Multatuli Museum64

    Multatuli Museum

    The Multatuli Museum is located in the Multatuli House, the birthplace of the 19th century Dutch writer Eduard Douwes Dekker. The writer is also known as Multatuli, his pseudonym. The collection illustrates the work and life of Eduard Douwes Dekker and includes his desk, books, a globe, utensils and
  65. Living Horse Museum & Hollandsche Manege65

    Living Horse Museum & Hollandsche Manege

  66. Nihon no hanga – Japanese Print Collection66

    Nihon no hanga – Japanese Print Collection

    Nihon no hanga – Japanese Print Collection is a private museum which has been collecting Japanese prints for over 25 years. The collection consists of around 2,000 Japanese prints, of which a large part dates from the 20th century.
  67. Tropenmuseum Junior67

    Tropenmuseum Junior

    Tropenmuseum Junior is the part of the Tropenmuseum that features exhibitions specifically for children. Children experience what it means to live in other countries. The museum organizes temporary exhibitions on various countries around the world. The ‘do exhibitions’ are (inter) active. Among othe
  68. Bijzondere Collecties68

    Bijzondere Collecties

    Bijzondere Collecties is part of the University of Amsterdam. It includes the heritage of the University of Amsterdam. The collection consists of more than a thousand separate collections, including collections of rare and precious books, prints, photographs and manuscripts. Central topics are book
  69. Online discount!

    Ripley's Believe It or Not!

  70. Frankendael House70

    Frankendael House

    Huize Frankendael is the only remaining ‘buitenplaats’ in Watergraafsmeer. Huize Frankendael combines space, peace, culture, nature and gastronomy. It includes an English styled garden, an authentic carriage house and art exhibitions in ‘landhuis’ Frankendael. On Sunday, tours are organised to learn
  71. Museum 't Kromhout71

    Museum 't Kromhout

    Museum 't Kromhout Kromhout is a ‘working museum’ that features a collection of engines that are manufactured by Firma Kromhout. All engines that are on display are still functional and will be demonstrated. The museum also features an original forge from the nineteenth century and a film room with
  72. Embassy of the Free Mind72

    Embassy of the Free Mind

    ABOUT THE MUSEUM Embark on a journey of discovery through 2,000 years of accumulated wisdom, inspired by the images and texts from the collection of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. The Embassy of the Free Mind is a museum and offers a journey of discovery through a hidden, yet inspiring
  73. Amsterdam Illusions73

    Amsterdam Illusions

  74. Luther Museum Amsterdam74

    Luther Museum Amsterdam

    The Luther Museum Amsterdam is located in the Wittenberg building in Amsterdam from 1772. The building with the regents' rooms, the corridor and the church hall is the most important piece in the collection. In addition, the museum exhbiits paintings by Breenbergh and Ruysdael, silverware and authen
  75. P/////AKT75


  76. 76

    Nxt Museum

  77. Museum De Dageraad77

    Museum De Dageraad

    Housing complex De Dageraad is the Amsterdam School in its purest form. Architects Michel de Klerk and Piet Kramer were commissioned to design all facets of the streetscape. In addition to the street facades, they also designed the rear facades and house plans. This led to gesamtkunstwerk in which b
  78. Project Space On The Inside78

    Project Space On The Inside

    ‘On The Inside’ is a platform for contemporary art in Amsterdam. It is based at the NDSM wharf, just 10 minutes from Central Station via the free ferry. It is a spacious venue with abundant height and natural daylight entering through the roof. Hence, it serves both as a site for large scale con
  79. 79

    Our House

    Our House Amsterdam is the first dance museum in the world.
  80. Online discount!

    STRAAT Museum

  81. Bartolotti House81

    Bartolotti House

    Enter the most beautiful canal house in Amsterdam. Discover the grandeur of this unique merchant's house on the Herengracht. When it was built at the beginning of the 17th century, it was already a landmark for many people, and it still is. Behind the imposing facade with many decorations, the int
  82. Gemeenlandshuis Diemerzeedijk82

    Gemeenlandshuis Diemerzeedijk

    Come and take a look at the stately Gemeenlandshuis. The house is surrounded by water and has a hall with beautiful stucco work, a monumental staircase and rooms with large fireplaces and a view of the surroundings. The Hoogheemraadschap was located here for almost 275 years. Discover the halls wher
  83. 83

    Youseum Amsterdam

    Welcome to Youseum Amsterdam! Youseum is Amsterdam’s social media experience all about you and your world. It has become one of the most sought-after things to do in Amsterdam for visitors and locals alike. Pose, play, & explore along an hour-long tour through 30 eye-catching installations. At Yous
  84. Verzetsmuseum Junior84

    Verzetsmuseum Junior

    The Dutch Resistance Museum Junior is part of the Dutch Resistance Museum that focuses on children. Children go back to the beginning of World War 2 in a time machine. There they are introduced to four eye witnesses who were children at the time. Henk, Jan, Nelly and Eva tell the about their experie
  85. Van Eesteren Museum85

    Van Eesteren Museum

    The Van Eesteren Museum is dedicated to Dutch architect and urban planner Cornelis van Eesteren.
  86. Theo Thijssen Museum86

    Theo Thijssen Museum

    The Theo Thijssen Museum is dedicated to the Amsterdam writer, educator and politician Theo Thijssen (1879-1943). The museum is located in the place where he was born. Theo Tijssen is best known for the novel "Kees de Jongen". The collection of the museum includes manuscripts, first editions, photog
  87. Museum Amsterdam Noord87

    Museum Amsterdam Noord

    Museum Amsterdam Noord is located in the former Municipal Bathhouse of Vogeldorp, the first characteristic 'tuindorp' of Amsterdam. The museum illustrates the history of the north of Amsterdam.
  88. Draaiorgelmuseum G. Perlee88

    Draaiorgelmuseum G. Perlee

    Draaiorgelmuseum G. Perlee exhibits a changing collection of barrel organs. An expert gives a tour through several showpieces.
  89. 89

    Game Museum Amsterdam

  90. De Appel90

    De Appel

    The Appel Arts Centre is an internationally oriented arts centre located in an 18th century building near the water. It exhibits contemporary art in all its forms, often by artists who are little known. Through changing exhibitions and performances of artists, directors and choreographers, De Appel
  91. Arcam Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam91

    Arcam Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam

    ARCAM is an information centre for architecture. It features a collection that includes leaflets, websites, architecture routes and maps. On the ground floor is an exhibition space where an exhibition is organized five times a year.
  92. The Mouse Mansion92

    The Mouse Mansion

  93. Geelvinck Early Piano Museum Amsterdam93

    Geelvinck Early Piano Museum Amsterdam

  94. Torture Museum Amsterdam94

    Torture Museum Amsterdam

    Torture Museum Amsterdam is a museum dedicated to instruments of torture. The art of torture, and the history of torturing are illustrated. Images and objects used by torturers, including authentic instruments of torture illustrate the world of torture. The collection includes a guillotine, a ‘rekta
  95. 95

    RTXP Amsterdam

  96. 96

    Street Art Museum Amsterdam

    Street Art Museum Amsterdam organizes tours through the street art collection.
  97. 97

    OSCAM - Open Space Contemporary Art Museum

  98. 98

    Imagine I.C.

  99. 99

    The Black Archives

  100. 100

    Theepottenmuseum The TeaRat

    In a Victorian living room, host Martin Oudbier tells the story of the teapots that are exhibited in the museum.

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