Different kinds of content can be contributed to WhichMuseum, including museum information, reviews and photos. The general guidelines, the guidelines for users and the editing guidelines for museums are summarized below. There are some things regarding conten that we explicitly prohibit. These things are listed in our Terms of Service and can be found here.

General guidelines

  • Inappropriate content: don't post content that includes harassment, threats, hate speech or sexual expressions.
  • Conflict of interest: be objective and honest and don't post false information. The site is meant to give museum visitors an objective overview of the various museums. Promotional content gets rejected in most cases.
  • Privacy: don't post private information of other people without permission. So don't post information that makes people identifiable on the Site if they don’t want to be identified, including close-up photos.
  • Intellectual property: do not just copy content from another user or from other websites. Try to create your own content.

Guidelines for users


Try to write personal reviews in which you tell your own story. Avoid generalisation as much as possible and ensure that the information is correct. Good reviews include a description of the experience, written in a lively manner, with some details and tips what other people should or should not do. Also try to be as honest as possible and keep it relevant.

User profile

Share your passion with other users! Use your profile page to tell us and other people who you are. Users prefer to read reviews from people they know a little and who they can trust.

Editing guidelines for museums

Museum account

If you represent a museum it is highly recommended to convert your user account into a museum account to manage a museum on WhichMuseum. You will then get additional rights to manage the museum page and update or add information to it. Here we describe how to obtain a museum account.

We really appreciate it when museum information is edited and updated on WhichMuseum! So please feel free to do so to help visitors find your museum with accurate information. Do keep it relevant and don’t edit for pure promotional reasons only.

Editing options

Museum details, visitor information, exhibitions and images can all be added or updated on WhichMuseum. We distinguish the following items:

Museum name

There are two types of names:

  • Main name
  • Alternative name

The main name is the official name of the museum. Additionally, a museum can have alternative names.

Types and topics

Information regarding the use of types and topics can be found here.


The description of a museum is concise and contains up to 650 characters. Ideally it contains between 325 and 650 characters. The description is objective and informative and can not be used for promotional purposes. Texts may not be fully copied from other websites.

Contact details

The phone number is the phone number that visitors can call for additional information. The website is the official web address of the museum. If the museum does not have its own website, the website where official information is updated should be used (often the website of the municipality).


The address displayed is the visiting address of the museum (not the postal address).

Opening hours and status

Opening hours are preferably updated completely for the whole year/season with different periods and special days.

These status types are used: open, closed, temporarily closed and not yet opened.

Admission prices

Admission prices are divided by category.


These facilities are used:

  • Audio tour
  • Child friendly
  • Coffee
  • Credit card
  • Museum shop
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Wheelchair accessible


There are two types of exhibitions:

  • Temporary exhibition
  • Permanent exhibition

A temporary exhibition can contain a title, start and end date, an image and a description. A permanent exhibition can contain a title, an image, a description and, if available, a start date. The description of an exhibition may contain up to 1000 words and can, unlike the description of a museum, contain subjective expressions.


There are three types of images:

  • Main image
  • Related image
  • Exhibition image

Each museum has one main image. This image is displayed at the top of the page and shows the facade (or another view) of the museum's main building. If such an image is not available, a related image is used. Related images are collection images, the building, rooms in the building and activities. These images are displayed in the photo strip, below the description. An exhibition image is associated with a specific exhibition and is displayed alongside exhibition information. Images should have a resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels.