The best museums in Dominican Republic in December 2023

These are the top 20 best museums in Dominican Republic, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Dominican Republic? These are the best ones:

  1. Columbus Lighthouse1

    Columbus Lighthouse

    Santo Domingo Este
    The Columbus Lighthouse, known as Faro a Col贸n in Spanish, is a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus. It is located in Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic. This monument, which also serves as a mausoleum, was constructed in honor of Columbus and his voyages. It is a significant landmark in the Dominican Republic and a popular destination for tourists.
  2. Fort San Felipe2

    Fort San Felipe

    Puerto Plata
    Fort San Felipe is a historical monument located in the province of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. This ancient fortress, once part of the Spanish Empire, is situated in the northern part of the island of Hispaniola. Its strategic location and historical significance make it an interesting site for tourists interested in history and architecture.
  3. National Zoological Park3

    National Zoological Park

    Santo Domingo
    The National Zoological Park Arq. Manuel Valverde Podest谩, located in the Dominican Republic, is one of the largest zoos in Latin America. This expansive park offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore a wide variety of animal species in a spacious and well-maintained environment.
  4. Manati Park Bavaro4

    Manati Park Bavaro

    Thriving gardens with tropical plants, swimming with dolphin, holding the birds or iguanas, feeding the monkeys. Sounds like fun?
  5. Alcazar de Colon5

    Alcazar de Colon

    Santo Domingo
    The Alc谩zar de Col贸n, also known as the Palacio Virreinal de Don Diego Col贸n, is a palace from the early 16th century. It is situated in the Plaza de Espa帽a in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This historical site offers a glimpse into the past and is a significant part of the country's heritage.
  6. Pantheon of the Fatherland6

    Pantheon of the Fatherland

    Santo Domingo
    The National Pantheon, also known as the Pantheon of the Fatherland, is a mausoleum in the Dominican Republic where the remains of prominent figures in its history are preserved. This historical site is a testament to the country's rich past and serves as a resting place for its national heroes. Visitors can explore the mausoleum and learn about the significant individuals who have shaped the nation's history.
  7. Casa Museo General Gregorio Luper贸n7

    Casa Museo General Gregorio Luper贸n

    Puerto Plata
  8. Museum of the Royal Houses8

    Museum of the Royal Houses

    Santo Domingo
    The Museo de las Casas Reales, or Museum of the Royal Houses, is a significant cultural monument from the colonial era in Hispaniola, which is now known as the Dominican Republic. This museum is located in the Colonial district of Santo Domingo and is a testament to the Spanish colonial history of the region.
  9. Centro Cultural Eduardo Le贸n Jimenes9

    Centro Cultural Eduardo Le贸n Jimenes

    Santiago de los Caballeros
    The Eduardo Le贸n Jimenes Cultural Center, also known as Centro Le贸n, is a museum situated in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. This museum is named after Eduardo Le贸n Jimenes, the founder of La Aurora, a tobacco company that gave rise to the Le贸n Jim茅nes Group consortium.
  10. Mundo King Art Museum10

    Mundo King Art Museum

  11. Dominican Amber Museum Experience11

    Dominican Amber Museum Experience

    Puerto Plata
    Beautiful Victorian house that is home to supreme collection of plant and insect fossils trapped in tree sap.
  12. Museum of the Dominican Man12

    Museum of the Dominican Man

    Santo Domingo
    The Museum of the Dominican Man, known as El Museo del Hombre Dominicano in Spanish, is situated in the city of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. This location makes it easily accessible for tourists visiting the city.
  13. Memorial Museum of Dominican Resistance13

    Memorial Museum of Dominican Resistance

    Santo Domingo
    The Museo Memorial de la Resistencia Dominicana is a museum located in Santo Domingo de Guzm谩n, dedicated to the memory of the victims who fell during the regime of the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo. It was established by Decree No.287-07 and is situated at Arzobispo Nouel 210. The museum's primary function is to collect, maintain, and exhibit goods of the nation's tangible and intangible heritage related to the struggle of various generations of Dominicans during Trujillo's dictatorship, its antecedents, and its consequences.
  14. 14

    House of Tostado

    Santo Domingo
    Late Isabeline Gothic style home to Francisco de Tostado, writer and professor at local university. Now it houses Museum of Dominican Family.
  15. National Museum of Natural History15

    National Museum of Natural History

    Santo Domingo
    The National Museum of Natural History, Prof. Eugenio de Jes煤s Marcano Fondeur, is a significant cultural institution in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It was constructed by Dr. Joaqu铆n Balaguer in 1974 and opened its doors to the public in 1982. The museum is conveniently located in the Plaza de la Cultura Juan Pablo Duarte, making it easily accessible for tourists.
  16. Trampoline Children's Museum16

    Trampoline Children's Museum

    Santo Domingo
    Touchy-feely exhibits such as earthquake machines and volcano simulations. Science, ecology, children's rights, that all can kids learn here!
  17. Whale Museum of Samana17

    Whale Museum of Samana

  18. 18

    Logia Mas贸nica Restauraci贸n No. 11

    Puerto Plata
  19. 19

    Larimar Museum and Factory

    Santo Domingo
    Watch workers making larimar jewels that you can also buy there. Learn about the existence of these rock too!
  20. 20

    Numismatic and Philatelic Museum

    Santo Domingo
    Imagine all the fascinating coins and paper money people of the Carribean used for trade. Most valuable collection in the area!

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