All history museums and attractions to visit in North Holland

North Holland (the Netherlands) is a good place to visit if you are interested in history. Below we list all 131 history museums in North Holland, to lose yourself in the place's cultural heritage and local history.

Are you a real history buff and are you looking for the best history museums to visit in North Holland? These are the ones:

  1. Anne Frank House1

    Anne Frank House

    The Anne Frank House is the house where the Jewish girl Anne Frank was hiding with seven others for more than two years in World War II. The museum owns the original diaries and writings of Anne Frank. An important part of the museum is the ‘Achterhuis’, the place where Anne Frank hid and wrote her
  2. Rijksmuseum2


    The Rijksmuseum is located in a unique historical building from 1885 by architect PJH Cuypers. The museum is dedicated to Dutch art and Dutch history. The collection is exhibited in over two hundred rooms and includes works by Dutch masters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hals
  3. Zuiderzee Museum3

    Zuiderzee Museum

    The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen brings stories of the people who once lived on the shores of the Zuiderzee to life. See, hear, feel, taste and smell everyday life round the Zuiderzee as it was before the Afsluitdijk (the great IJsselmeer Barrier Dam) turned the former inland sea into what we now k
  4. Dutch Resistance Museum4

    Dutch Resistance Museum

    The Dutch Resistance Museum illustrates the history of people in times of war. The visitor learns about the Holocaust, resistance and daily life. The exhibition consists of authentic objects, film and audio clips, documents and photos. In addition there is a permanent exhibition on the Dutch East In
  5. Muiderslot5


    The Muiderslot from 1285 is a medieval moated castle. It is a square castle with five towers, battlements, embrasures and a drawbridge. One of the inhabitants of the castle was the Dutch writer and poet Pieter Cornelis Hooft, who lived there in the seventeeth century. The visitor is taken back in ti
  6. Museum Our Lord in the Attic6

    Museum Our Lord in the Attic

    Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder is a former clandestine church. The building looks like an ordinary canal house. It is one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands. The 17th century church with an altar, corridors and approximately 150 seats is situated in the attic. After the Protestant Reformatio
  7. Corrie ten Boom House - The Hiding Place7

    Corrie ten Boom House - The Hiding Place

    Corrie ten Boom House - The Hiding Place is a museum dedicated to the resistance fighter Corrie ten Boom. The museum is housed in her former home. Part of the house is decorated as it was decorated in the past. Among other things, visitors can see the shelter, a small space behind a false wall in th
  8. The National Maritime Museum8

    The National Maritime Museum

    The National Maritime Museum holds one of the world's largest and most notable maritime collections including paintings, ship models, navigation instruments and sea charts. Discover 500 years of Dutch maritime history and its strong link to society of today and tomorrow. The collection includes ship
  9. Tropenmuseum9


    The Tropenmuseum is housed in a monumental building on the grounds of the former ‘Oosterbegraafplaats’. The museum illustrates different cultures and the daily lives of people around the world. The collection consists of artworks, utensils, films, music and photos. The visitor travels through the wo
  10. Jewish Museum10

    Jewish Museum

    The Jewish Museum is housed in four synagogues. It is a modern museum about Judaism. Three exhibitions illustrate the culture and history of Jews in the Netherlands. The exhibitions consist of various utensils, paintings, drawings, films, photos and 3D presentations. Part of the museum is the Jewish
  11. Amsterdam Museum11

    Amsterdam Museum

    The Amsterdam Museum presents exhibitions on a wide range of urban issues. We share knowledge, show art and heritage, and tell relevant stories - past, present and future. Historical and contemporary stories that make the city what it is, in all its forms. We do this at our museum locations in the h
  12. Portugese Synagoge12

    Portugese Synagoge

    The Portuguese Synagogue, also called Esnoga, is a synagogue that dates to the 17th century. At the time of construction it was the largest synagogue in the world. The building is still used for worship by the Portuguese Jewish Community. The collection illustrates the four century history of the Po
  13. Royal Palace of Amsterdam13

    Royal Palace of Amsterdam

    The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is the palace of the royal family where visitors are received. When the palace is not used by the royal family, the building is open to the public. It was built between 1648 and 1665 as a town hall, designed by Jacob van Campen. Several works by famous artists refer to
  14. Zaans Museum14

    Zaans Museum

    The Zaans museum is housed in a modern building on the Zaanse Schans. The museum illustrates the cultural and industrial heritage of Zaandam. It exhibits paintings, films, photographs, objects and painted furniture. The Verkade Pavilion is part of the museum, a chocolate and biscuit factory from the
  15. The Museum of the Canals15

    The Museum of the Canals

    Museum of the Canals is housed in a monumental seventeenth-century canal house. The museum illustrates the Amsterdam city expansion that was caused by the construction of canals. In addition to an interactive tour, there is a temporary exhibition in our period rooms.
  16. Joods Historisch Kindermuseum16

    Joods Historisch Kindermuseum

    In the Jewish Historical Children Museum, children from 6 to 12 years are introduction to Jewish life and Jewish traditions.
  17. The Willet-Holthuysen House17

    The Willet-Holthuysen House

    The Willet-Holthuysen House is housed in a double mansion from 1687. In the 19th century it was the house of Abraham Willet and his wife Louisa Willet-Holthuysen. The museum consists of a dining room, a ballroom, a garden room and a corridor on the first floor that illustrate how wealthy people from
  18. Museum Haarlem18

    Museum Haarlem

    Museum Haarlem illustrates the history of Haarlem and surroundings. It is a city that is often praised for its beauty and has inspired many painters. Dutch painters such as Frans Hals and Jan van Scorel painted the city. The collection consists of objects of historical value from the South ‘Kennemer
  19. Museum BroekerVeiling19

    Museum BroekerVeiling

    Broek op Langedijk
    The Broekerveiling is the oldest ‘doorvaar-groentenveiling’ in the world. The auctioning started in 1887 at the same spot the museum is situated now. The museum exhibits punts (boats) and tools. Auctions are held with the punts, which illustrate how the auction worked. Important in the museum is the
  20. The Dutch Navy Museum20

    The Dutch Navy Museum

    Den Helder
    The Dutch Navy Museum is dedicated to the past and present of the Dutch Navy. The museum illustrates five hundred years of history of the Dutch navy. Important in the museum are the three museum ships, of which submarine ‘Tonijn’ is most striking. On board stories about the navy are told by former c
  21. Museum Het Schip21

    Museum Het Schip

    World-renowned expressionist building "Het Schip" ("the ship") is the most famous work by Amsterdam School architect Michel de Klerk, which was completed in 1921. The museum located in the building is dedicated to the Amsterdam School, an architecture style. The former post office designed by the a
  22. Westfries Museum22

    Westfries Museum

    The West Fries Museum is housed in the former ‘Statencollege’ from 1632. It is a regional history museum with a diverse collection. The museum has a large number of objects related to the history of the city of Hoorn, applied art, archaeology, militia and trading. A large room in the museum is dedic
  23. Allard Pierson23

    Allard Pierson

    In the Allard Pierson you discover the heritage collections of the University of Amsterdam. The permanent presentation, ‘From the Nile to the Amstel’, invites visitors on a journey through 10,000 years of cultural history. The presentation starts in ancient Egypt and, once renovations are completed,
  24. Museum Tot Zover24

    Museum Tot Zover

    Museum Tot Zover shows how people dealt with death in the past, and how they deal with it now and in the future. Central topics in the museum are the body, rituals, memento mori and mourning and remembrance. The collection includes death masks, paintings, miniature hearses and urns and caskets. Chil
  25. Molen van Sloten - Kuiperijmuseum25

    Molen van Sloten - Kuiperijmuseum

    The Molen van Sloten – Kuiperijmuseum includes an original ‘poldermolen’ and a museum where visitors learn how barrels are made. The Molen van Sloten is a functioning ‘poldermolen’ and is the only mill in Amsterdam that is daily open to the public. It is a ‘stellingmolen’ with a backside that was re
  26. Museum of the 20th Century26

    Museum of the 20th Century

    Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw is housed in an old prison. It is a nostalgic museum dedicated to the 20th century. The museum displays interiors and objects from the period 1900 to around 2000. The museum includes old living rooms, a classroom, kitchen equipment, toys, audio and video equipment and o
  27. Hollandsche Schouwburg27

    Hollandsche Schouwburg

    The Hollandsche Schouwburg is a war memorial for the Dutch Jews that were murdered in the Second World War. The permanent exhibition on the Holocaust in '40-'45 focusses on the deportation of the Jews. Videos, photos, models and various objects illustrate the discrimination, deportation and extermin
  28. Volendams Museum28

    Volendams Museum

    The Volendams Museum illustrates how people lived and worked in Volendam in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The collection of the museum includes Volendam (and national) costumes and jewellery, photographs, literary and musical art forms, paintings, drawings, sculptures, pottery, old i
  29. Mill Museum - The Zaansche Mill29

    Mill Museum - The Zaansche Mill

    Koog aan de Zaan
    The Molenmuseum is dedicated to windmills and the history of mills in Zaandam. The museum preserves objects that are related to the mill era. The collection mainly consists of models and consumer goods from the mills. In addition, the museum illustrates the customs around the mills, the local langua
  30. Zaandam Time Museum30

    Zaandam Time Museum

    Museum van het Nederlandse Uurwerk is housed in a 17th century house. The museum presents an overview of the history of timekeeping in the Netherlands. The collection consists mainly of Dutch historical timepieces from 1500 to 1850. It includes tower clocks, the first and the earliest Dutch grandfat
  31. Museum of the Mind | Dolhuys31

    Museum of the Mind | Dolhuys

    Museum of the Mind has two locations; one in Haarlem and one in Amsterdam. In the museum in Haarlem you can discover more about your own mind and those of others in an interactive way. In Amsterdam you can see exhibitions with outsider art, in which artists show their imaginative inner world. In th
  32. Museum Van Loon32

    Museum Van Loon

    Museum van Loon is located on the Keizersgracht in the house of the regent family Van Loon. Willem van Loon was the co-founder of The Dutch East India Company in 1602. One of the residents of this 17th century canal house was Dutch painter Ferdinand Bol, a pupil of Rembrandt. Portraits, silverware,
  33. Museum Kaap Skil33

    Museum Kaap Skil

    Museum Kaap Skil is housed in a modern glass building with a shell of wooden beams. The museum is dedicated to Texel and the sea. The collection includes beachcombing objects and dive finds, as well as paintings and prints. In addition, the museum has the largest maritime model in the world.
  34. Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar34

    Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar

    Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar is dedicated to the history and cultural heritage of Alkmaar and its surroundings. It covers five centuries of history. The collection includes historical objects from the Alkmaar region, a photo collection of Alkmaar, a toy theatre including toys from the past, paintings fr
  35. Czar Peter House35

    Czar Peter House

    The Czar Peter House in Zaandam is a subsidiary of the Zaans Museum. The Czar Peter House became famous when Russian Tsar Peter the Great stayed there for eight nights. But Napoleon, other Russian tsars and Dutch monarchs have visited this property as well. In and around the house are various object
  36. Museum De Cruquius36

    Museum De Cruquius

    Museum De Cruquius is housed in the former pumping station Cruquius, that was used between 1848 and 1852 for the reclamation of the Haarlemmermeer. The museum is dedicated to the industrial history. The collection consists of steam engines, models of windmills, polder architectural models and old ma
  37. Museummolen Schermerhorn37

    Museummolen Schermerhorn

    Museummolen Schermerhorn is a mill from 1634 that was used to drain the water from the Schermerpolder. It is one of the eleven remaining mills of the former Schermerpolder mill complex. The mill can be visited from top to bottom, which lets the visitor properly see the operation of the mill. The mus
  38. Amsterdam Pipe Museum38

    Amsterdam Pipe Museum

    The Amsterdam Pipe Museum is housed in a seventeenth-century canal house in Amsterdam. It offers the smoking culture in the world over 25 centuries, by exhibiting a collection of smoking pipes and tobacco-related paraphernalia. The collection consists of more than 30,000 objects, of which about thre
  39. Bakkerijmuseum De Oude Bakkerij39

    Bakkerijmuseum De Oude Bakkerij

    Bakkerijmuseum De Oude Bakkerij is a museum dedicated to bakers and bakeries. The museum illustrates how bakers made and sold their products in the past century. The collection consists of machines, tools, forms and other objects related to bakery. The museum also exhibits objects related to the top
  40. Fort Kijkduin40

    Fort Kijkduin

    Den Helder
    Fort Kijkduin is a Napoleonic fort from 1811. It is part of the Defence Line of Den Helder. In the fort is a museum about the history of Den Helder, especially about the French and German times. There is also a unique North Sea aquarium on display, where children can feed and pet sharks and rays! Th
  41. Dutch Fortress Museum41

    Dutch Fortress Museum

    The Netherlands Fortress Museum is housed in ‘Bastion Turfpoort’. The museum is dedicated to the war history of the Netherlands. The visitor learns how the soldiers of the garrison guarded Holland, and specifically Amsterdam. The museum consists of an outdoor part and an underground part. The outdoo
  42. Amsterdam Tulip Museum42

    Amsterdam Tulip Museum

    The Amsterdam Tulip Museum demonstrates the history of the tulip in the Netherlands. The museum gives information on the tulip mania and the economic power of the flower during the Golden Age in the seventeenth century. The museum also shows how bulbs served as food for people during wars and the or
  43. Kasteel Radboud43

    Kasteel Radboud

    Kasteel Radboud is a castle that dates back to 1288. It is the only remaining West Frisian ‘dwangburcht’ of Floris the Fifth. The collection consists of objects that illustrate the history of the building. The permanent exhibition shows life in the Middle Ages and the history of Medemblik. For child
  44. De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam44

    De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

    The Nieuwe Kerk is a church building from the early 15th century. It is one of the most important monuments of Amsterdam. It is the place where the Dutch head of state is inaugurated. Changing temporary exhibitions are organized in the building on, among other themes, religions, cultures and treasur
  45. Ruïne van Brederode45

    Ruïne van Brederode

    The Ruïne van Brederode is the family castle of the Lords of Brederode who played an important role in the country's history. It was one of the first square castles, built by Willem van Brederode at the request of the Count of Holland, Floris V. The Ruïne van Brederode is the first National Monument
  46. Nationaal Biermuseum De Boom46

    Nationaal Biermuseum De Boom

    Nationaal Biermuseum De Boom is housed in a 17th century building, in which the brewery De Boom used to be housed. The museum illustrates the history of beer brewing and drinking. The collection includes tools, various devices and machines, beer bottles and beer glasses. In addition, the museum illu
  47. Weegschaalmuseum47


    The Weegschaalmuseum is housed in a former weigh house, ‘het Spaanse Huis’ from the 14th century. The museum is dedicated to the history of measuring and weighing. The museum shows the applications of measuring and weighing and shows how measuring tools and weights were calibrated and adjusted in th
  48. Nationaal Reddingmuseum Dorus Rijkers48

    Nationaal Reddingmuseum Dorus Rijkers

    Den Helder
    The Reddingmuseum Dorus Rijkers is housed in the engine workshop of the former shipyard of the Navy. The museum is named after the famous Dutch savior Dorus Rijkers (1847-1928). The collection illustrates the story of the history of Dutch sea rescue. It exhibits real life boats, models, paintings an
  49. Huis van Hilde49

    Huis van Hilde

    The Huis van Hilde is an archaeology center of the province of North Holland and is named after a skeletal find known as Hilde. The House of HIlde has a permanent exhibition of soil finds from the time of the Neanderthals. Showpieces are the sarcophagi, historic canoes and statues or dolls made base
  50. Honig Breethuis50

    Honig Breethuis

    The Honig Breethuis is a house where a merchant family from the Zaan district lived around 1830. The house dates from the early 18th century and was built by Cornelis Jacobsz. Honig, owner of a ‘witpapiermolen’. Visitors learn about the history and the lives of families who lived here. The collectio
  51. Amsterdam City Archive51

    Amsterdam City Archive

    The Amsterdam City Archive is the historical documentation centre of Amsterdam. It has a total of 35 kilometers of archives. The core of the archives are the archives of the city and the city’s government institutions, businesses and services. In addition to archives of the government, the Amsterdam
  52. Waterlandsmuseum de Speeltoren52

    Waterlandsmuseum de Speeltoren

    Waterlandsmuseum de Speeltoren illustrates the history of Monnickendam and Waterland. The museum shows the origins of a classical Dutch landscape. Topics that are covered include monasteries and monks, fisheries and ship transport over sea. The highlight of the museum is the completely new built Car
  53. Multatuli Museum53

    Multatuli Museum

    The Multatuli Museum is located in the Multatuli House, the birthplace of the 19th century Dutch writer Eduard Douwes Dekker. The writer is also known as Multatuli, his pseudonym. The collection illustrates the work and life of Eduard Douwes Dekker and includes his desk, books, a globe, utensils and
  54. War Museum Medemblik54

    War Museum Medemblik

    In War Museum Medemblik you can discover both the civilian side and the military side of World War II. You can visit our museum by freely looking around and reading the stories, but do you really want to experience the storyline as the museum team has set it up? Then we definitely recommend booking
  55. Buitenplaats Beeckestijn55

    Buitenplaats Beeckestijn

    Enter the most beautiful 'country house of Amsterdam'. Beeckestijn is one of the few large 18th-century estates in Kennemerland that has been preserved in its entirety. Rich Amsterdammers spent their summers at this imposing estate with its showy façade in the Louis XIV style, which features the pa
  56. Bakkerijmuseum ‘In de Gecroonde Duyvekater’56

    Bakkerijmuseum ‘In de Gecroonde Duyvekater’

    Bakery Museum "In de Gecroonde Duyvekater" dates back to 1658.
  57. IJmuider Zee- en Havenmuseum57

    IJmuider Zee- en Havenmuseum

    The IJmuider Zee- en Havenmuseum illustrates the history and development of IJmuiden. This history begins with the digging of the North Sea in the 1870s, the construction of the piers and the locks. The museum has exhibition halls in which visitors learn about towing, fishing and offshore activities
  58. Huizer Museum58

    Huizer Museum

    Huizer Museum Het Schoutenhuis is housed in a historical building from the 17th century. It is a cultural history museum on Huizen. The museum exhibits costumes from the period 1850-1950. In showcases women's, men's and children's wear are exhibited. In the basement the lives of farmers and fisherme
  59. Edams Museum59

    Edams Museum

    Edams Museum is housed in a merchant's house from 1540. The museum illustrates the rich history of Edam and illustrates how a merchant in the 16th century lived. Leading families, architecture, shipbuilding, the ceramic industry and everyday life are covered in this museum. The collection includes p
  60. Zandvoorts Museum60

    Zandvoorts Museum

    The Zandvoorts Museum is dedicated to the history and art of Zandvoort. The diverse collection includes paintings, furniture, old tools, glassware, pottery, costumes and old beachwear. The museum illustrates the development of Zandvoort from a poor fishing village to a posh seaside resort. The colle
  61. Museumboerderij West-Frisia61

    Museumboerderij West-Frisia

    Museumboerderij Westfrisia is located on a farmyard. The museum exhibits objects from farmers mainly from the 19th and 20th century that were collected by the last occupant of the farm, Adriaan Donker (1916-1984). The collection includes prehistoric objects, peasant furniture, tableware and textiles
  62. Marker Museum62

    Marker Museum

    The Marker Museum is housed in six historical houses. The museum organises changing exhibitions that illustrate the history of Marken. Part of the museum is decorated as how it was decorated by the family that lived there until 1932. It is characterised by the typical ‘pronkbed’, the white walls dec
  63. Kasteel-Museum Sypesteyn63

    Kasteel-Museum Sypesteyn

    Kasteel-Museum Sypesteyn is housed in a castle surrounded by gardens and canals. Jonkheer Catharinus Henricus Cornelis Ascanius of Sypesteyn had the castle built at the beginning of the 20th century and decorated it with portraits and other artefacts from the family. He later added a collection of c
  64. The Story of Edam Cheese64

    The Story of Edam Cheese

    Always wanted to know why Edam is so famous? Henri Willig has built an experience in Edam where the glorious history of Edam cheese is told and where you can learn everything about Edam cheese from the past and also today. A nice outing for all ages. The experience is wheelchair accessible. Edam
  65. Museum Weesp65

    Museum Weesp

    The Gemeentemuseum Weesp is housed in the town hall, located on the entire second floor of the building. Between 1759 and 1768 the first porcelain in the Netherlands was produced in Weesp. The main part of the museum’s collection consists of this 18th century Dutch porcelain. Besides porcelain, Wees
  66. Museum Betje Wolff66

    Museum Betje Wolff

    Museum Betje Wolff is housed in a former rectory. The name of the museum is derived from the 18th century Dutch writer Elizabeth (Betje) Wolff, who lived in the house during her marriage. The ‘style rooms’ illustrate three centuries of working and living in the Beemster area. The library contains ne
  67. Historische Tuin Aalsmeer67

    Historische Tuin Aalsmeer

    The Historische Tuin Aalsmeer is a botanical garden. In the garden, the visitor goes on a journey into the past, starting in 1940 and then further back in time to the beginning of the 17th century when mainly fruit trees were grown. Among other things, the garden features a monumental farmhouse, two
  68. Tropenmuseum Junior68

    Tropenmuseum Junior

    Tropenmuseum Junior is the part of the Tropenmuseum that features exhibitions specifically for children. Children experience what it means to live in other countries. The museum organizes temporary exhibitions on various countries around the world. The ‘do exhibitions’ are (inter) active. Among othe
  69. Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer69

    Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer

    Historisch Museum Haarlemmermeer is housed in the monumental building Mentzhoeve. It is dedicated to the history of Haarlemmermeer. In a recreated village the story is told of the young history of the Haarlemmermeer polder that starts at the reclamation in 1852. The story is told by displaying histo
  70. Archeologisch Museum Haarlem70

    Archeologisch Museum Haarlem

    The Archeologisch Museum Haarlem is located in the basement of the Vleeshal. The museum is dedicated to the cultural heritage of Kennermerland. It illustrates how in four thousand years Haarlem has become what it is today. In showcases archaeological finds are displayed, including earthenware pots,
  71. Museum of Egmond71

    Museum of Egmond

    Egmond aan Zee
    Museum van Egmond is the cultural history museum of Egmond. Life of people around 1900 near the sea. Beautiful paintings.
  72. CRASH Air War and Resistance Museum '40-'4572

    CRASH Air War and Resistance Museum '40-'45

    CRASH Luchtoorlog- en Verzetsmuseum '40-'45 illustrates the story of aircraft crews in the war and their mission. The collection includes documents, photographs, old newspapers, and personal items. The remains of the aircraft are also exhibited. Important in the museum is the wreck of a Dutch fight
  73. Museum Kennemerland73

    Museum Kennemerland

    Museum Kennemerland is housed in the former town hall from the early 20th century. The regional museum has a historical collection, that focuses on the history of Central Kennemerland. It includes children's toys, various tools, rhetoricians coats of arms, objects related to the industry and househo
  74. Grote Kerk Alkmaar74

    Grote Kerk Alkmaar

    The Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk is a church in Brabant Gothic style. The history of a church on this spot dates back to the 10th century. The present church dates from 1518. The exterior includes the ‘vieringtorentje’, the outer walls of white Gobertange stone and the windows in the gables of the tran
  75. Gemeentemuseum Het Sterkenhuis75

    Gemeentemuseum Het Sterkenhuis

    Bergen (NH)
    Gemeentemuseum Het Sterkenhuis is located in a 17th century longhouse farm. It is a historical museum that is dedicated to the cultural history of Bergen. The farm is reminiscent of rural life in the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum exhibits furniture, costumes and household items from that time,
  76. Museum Waelstee76

    Museum Waelstee

    De Waal
    Agrar Museum Texel Sticht illustrates daily life on Texel. The museum houses authentic farm machinery, sleighs, wagons and carriages that were used on Texel. The museum displays various objects and machines for milk, cheese and buttermaking. It illustrates Texel farm life from a hundred years ago wi
  77. Bijzondere Collecties77

    Bijzondere Collecties

    Bijzondere Collecties is part of the University of Amsterdam. It includes the heritage of the University of Amsterdam. The collection consists of more than a thousand separate collections, including collections of rare and precious books, prints, photographs and manuscripts. Central topics are book
  78. Agrarisch Museum Westerhem78

    Agrarisch Museum Westerhem

    Agrarisch Museum Westerhem is housed in a farmhouse from 1877. The museum illustrates working and living in the region around 1900. The collection of the museum includes tools, cars and images. The North Holland Haubarg is characterized by its pyramid shape and placement of the ‘dars’, stable and li
  79. Boerderij- en Rijtuigmuseum Vreeburg Schagen79

    Boerderij- en Rijtuigmuseum Vreeburg Schagen

    Boerderij- en Rijtuigmuseum Vreeburg Schagen is a regional museum that is partially housed in a restored old style 17th century farmhouse. The museum features a section dedicated to farm life and a section dedicated to carriages. The rooms in the farm feature authentic utensils and furniture. In the
  80. Museumwinkel Albert Heijn80

    Museumwinkel Albert Heijn

    Museumwinkel Albert Heijn is an old grocery store. The museum exhibits the original furnishings and inventory. It illustrates grocery shopping in more than a century ago. Among other things, the museum exhibits jars with white and black candy, licorice, ‘suikerbrood’, rennet used for cheese and pepp
  81. Zijper Museum81

    Zijper Museum

    The Zijper Museum is the very starting point where the history of polder the Zijpe comes alive. Visitors learn many remarkable facts about one of Hollands oldest polders in a modern, interactive manner. In the permanent exposition history is presented through objects, maps, movies and animations. Pa
  82. Museum In 't Houten Huis82

    Museum In 't Houten Huis

    De Rijp
    Museum In 't Houten Huis is housed in a wooden structured house from the 18th century. The museum illustrates the rich history of the Schermereiland and its seafaring residents. It exhibits a diverse collection on the history of De Rijp and Schermereiland. Topics that are covered in the museum inclu
  83. Verhalenkamer Willibrordus / VVV / Tourist info83

    Verhalenkamer Willibrordus / VVV / Tourist info

    The Willibrordus Storytelling Room is located on the Willibrordus Estate in Heiloo. The Story Room shows the timeline from the history to the present of psychiatry in general and the former psychiatric institution St. Willibrordus in particular. The collection consists of a number of objects and wal
  84. Poldermuseum Het Grootslag Andijk84

    Poldermuseum Het Grootslag Andijk

    The Polder Museum is housed in the former pumping station ‘Het Grootslag’, with the National Saet and Cruyt Museum. The museum organizes exhibitions on 5000 years living and working in the polder 'Het Grootslag’. The collection of the museum includes archaeological finds, tools, photographs and vari
  85. Frankendael House85

    Frankendael House

    Huize Frankendael is the only remaining ‘buitenplaats’ in Watergraafsmeer. Huize Frankendael combines space, peace, culture, nature and gastronomy. It includes an English styled garden, an authentic carriage house and art exhibitions in ‘landhuis’ Frankendael. On Sunday, tours are organised to learn
  86. Aviation & War Museum Texel86

    Aviation & War Museum Texel

    De Cocksdorp
    The Aviation and War Museum Texel focuses on the history of aviation and events during the Second World War on and around the island of Texel. A Kolibrie ('Hummingbird') helicopter, a replica of a Scheldemusch and a Fokker Spin, and a Saab Safir are some of the aircraft on display. The part about th
  87. Museum Hilversum87

    Museum Hilversum

    Museum Hilversum is the photography museum of Central Netherlands, specializes in showing photography and explores the boundaries of photography by combining it with other art forms. Museum Hilversum amazes, touches and connects. The museum has a wide range of changing exhibitions and is a lively pl
  88. Purmerends Museum88

    Purmerends Museum

    The Purmerend Museum is housed in the former town hall from 1912. The museum is dedicated to the history of Purmerend, which grew from fishing village to medieval market town. By displaying images, objects, architectural models and postcards, visitors learn about the development of the city. Importa
  89. Museum 't Kromhout89

    Museum 't Kromhout

    Museum 't Kromhout Kromhout is a ‘working museum’ that features a collection of engines that are manufactured by Firma Kromhout. All engines that are on display are still functional and will be demonstrated. The museum also features an original forge from the nineteenth century and a film room with
  90. Vlotburg90


    Museum Ship Castle Vlotburg sails from place to place. For the current berth, check the museum ship's website. On Museum Ship Castle Vlotburg the visitor imagines himself in another world. A historical world with knights, castles and damsels. In Museum Ship Castle Vlotburg, lady Christel and knight
  91. Luther Museum Amsterdam91

    Luther Museum Amsterdam

    The Luther Museum Amsterdam is located in the Wittenberg building in Amsterdam from 1772. The building with the regents' rooms, the corridor and the church hall is the most important piece in the collection. In addition, the museum exhbiits paintings by Breenbergh and Ruysdael, silverware and authen
  92. Museum De Dageraad92

    Museum De Dageraad

    Housing complex De Dageraad is the Amsterdam School in its purest form. Architects Michel de Klerk and Piet Kramer were commissioned to design all facets of the streetscape. In addition to the street facades, they also designed the rear facades and house plans. This led to gesamtkunstwerk in which b
  93. Pieter Teylers Huis93

    Pieter Teylers Huis

  94. Bartolotti House94

    Bartolotti House

    Enter the most beautiful canal house in Amsterdam. Discover the grandeur of this unique merchant's house on the Herengracht. When it was built at the beginning of the 17th century, it was already a landmark for many people, and it still is. Behind the imposing facade with many decorations, the int
  95. Barnaart House95

    Barnaart House

    Enter House Barnaart, rightfully a city palace with imperial allure. Furnished in Empire style, according to the latest French fashion of the early 19th century. With the still original furniture of entirely gilded woodwork, and dazzling gold and purple decorations. Philip Barnaart received disti
  96. Bonck House96

    Bonck House

    Enter the 17th century! In Huis Bonck in Hoorn you step right into the 17th century. The interior and layout of this cozy merchant's house are still exactly as they were then. People lived and worked in Huis Bonck. The fact that business was going well can be seen from the many decorations: beau
  97. Gemeenlandshuis Diemerzeedijk97

    Gemeenlandshuis Diemerzeedijk

    Come and take a look at the stately Gemeenlandshuis. The house is surrounded by water and has a hall with beautiful stucco work, a monumental staircase and rooms with large fireplaces and a view of the surroundings. The Hoogheemraadschap was located here for almost 275 years. Discover the halls wher
  98. Hembrugmuseum98


  99. Regionaal Museum 1940-1945 Schagen en omstreken99

    Regionaal Museum 1940-1945 Schagen en omstreken

  100. Bunker Museum IJmuiden100

    Bunker Museum IJmuiden

  101. Oudheidkamer Kaaphoornvaarders101

    Oudheidkamer Kaaphoornvaarders

    Oudheidkamer Kaaphoornvaarders seeks to keep alive the memory of the search for the third route to India. Among other things, the museum displays antique nautical instruments and models of the historic sailing ships Netherlands, Europa, Pamir and Potosi.
  102. Wieringer Eiland Museum ’Jan Lont’102

    Wieringer Eiland Museum ’Jan Lont’

  103. Poldermuseum Heerhugowaard103

    Poldermuseum Heerhugowaard

    Poldermuseum Heerhugowaard is located in the former pumping station on the southern ring dike. The museum displays cultural-historical objects related to the Heerhugowaard polder. Among other things, there is a permanent collection of two archaeological finds from the polder as well as jewelry, maps
  104. Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg104

    Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg

    Stoomgemaal Halfweg is the oldest steam pumping station in the world. It was built as a basin pumping station, to discharge the water pumped out by the Haarlemmermeer Lake to the sea. The pumping station still operates several days a year.
  105. NZH Public Transport Museum105

    NZH Public Transport Museum

    The NZH Transportation Museum was created in 1981 to mark the 100th anniversary of the transportation company NZHVM. Later called the NZH. In its existence it was the largest public transport company in the Netherlands with 1000 buses and about 3000 employees. The transport area stretched between Te
  106. Museum Prins Hendrik de Zeevaarder106

    Museum Prins Hendrik de Zeevaarder

    Egmond aan Zee
  107. Oudheidkamer Texel107

    Oudheidkamer Texel

    Den Burg
  108. Museum Jan Boon108

    Museum Jan Boon

    De Rijp
  109. Museumboerderij Tante Jaantje109

    Museumboerderij Tante Jaantje

  110. Verzetsmuseum Junior110

    Verzetsmuseum Junior

    The Dutch Resistance Museum Junior is part of the Dutch Resistance Museum that focuses on children. Children go back to the beginning of World War 2 in a time machine. There they are introduced to four eye witnesses who were children at the time. Henk, Jan, Nelly and Eva tell the about their experie
  111. Palingsoundmuseum111


    The Palingsound Museum is dedicated to a classic, typically Dutch style in pop music from Volendam. Among other things, the museum shows photo presentations, various awards and objects of artists such as The Cats, BZN, Jan Smit, Nick & Simon.
  112. Eendenmuseum112


  113. Koepelkathedraal Haarlem113

    Koepelkathedraal Haarlem

    The KoepelKathedraal Haarlem was designed by Joseph Cuypers and is larger than Cologne Cathedral. It has 12 large and small towers and a dome 65 meters high! The cathedral incorporates architectural styles such as Neo-Gothic, Neo-Romanesque, Jugendstil and stylistic elements of the Amsterdam School
  114. De Grote Kerk in Monnickendam114

    De Grote Kerk in Monnickendam

    The Grote or Sint-Nicolaaskerk is Monnickendam's main church. The Gothic building, whose construction began in 1400, stands at the edge of the town's old center.
  115. Torture Museum Amsterdam115

    Torture Museum Amsterdam

    Torture Museum Amsterdam is a museum dedicated to instruments of torture. The art of torture, and the history of torturing are illustrated. Images and objects used by torturers, including authentic instruments of torture illustrate the world of torture. The collection includes a guillotine, a ‘rekta
  116. 116

    Museum Eenigenburg

  117. 117

    Forteiland Pampus

    Pampus is a monumental Fort Island off the coast of Amsterdam with 400 years of Primitive Dutch history and adventure. Fort Island Pampus is full of stories, dating back to the VOC era, when ships from the East came to Pampus on their way to Amsterdam.
  118. 118

    Stadsmuseum Medemblik

  119. 119

    Nationaal Saet & Cruytmuseum

    The Nationaal Saet & Cruytmuseum is housed in the former pumping station "Grootslag", along with the Poldermuseum. It is dedicated to the cultivation, processing, packaging and sale of horticultural seeds and propagating plant material. It covers both the importance of propagating material as an (ex
  120. 120

    The Black Archives

  121. 121

    Museumboerderij De Anloup

  122. 122

    Grietje Tump Museum

    The Grietje Tump Museum bears the name of its last occupant, Grietje Tump. She was the daughter of rentenier Cornelis Tump. His ancestors operated the ferry ferries across the IJ to Amsterdam. The museum's permanent collection consists of furniture, utensils, jewelry and old textiles.
  123. 123

    DDR Museum

  124. 124

    Luchtoorlogmuseum Fort Veldhuis

    Air War Museum Fort Veldhuis is dedicated to the air war 1940 - 1945 and in particular the efforts of the people of the air forces during that period. Using radio equipment, pilots kept in touch with those on the ground to prepare attacks. Among other things, the museum has a radio room with equipme
  125. 125

    Museum ’t Achterwurft

  126. 126

    Enkhuizer Almanak Museum

    The Enkhuizer Almanac Museum displays the centuries-old headings of the famous almanac. The museum pays attention to such headings as timekeeping, the position of celestial bodies, the water tides, the departure times of diligences to Haarlem or Leiden and the ringing of the gate bells of Amsterdam.
  127. 127

    Saan Museum

  128. 128

    Theepottenmuseum The TeaRat

    In a Victorian living room, host Martin Oudbier tells the story of the teapots that are exhibited in the museum.
  129. 129

    Computer Museum

    The Computer Museum exhibits a collection on technical and scientific electronic computing equipment that illustrates the progress in computer technology and its use from World War II to the present day.
  130. 130

    Museum Le Poilu

    Museum Le Poilu is the only publicly accessible '14-'18 war museum in the Netherlands. Through dioramas, the museum depicts the life of trench soldiers during the First World War. The dioramas show soldiers and officers on the western front during the war with an emphasis on the front during the Bat
  131. 131

    Historisch Museum Heiloo


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