All history museums and attractions to visit in North Brabant

North Brabant (the Netherlands) is a good place to visit if you are interested in history. Below we list all 78 history museums in North Brabant, to lose yourself in the place's cultural heritage and local history.

Are you a real history buff and are you looking for the best history museums to visit in North Brabant? These are the ones:

  1. Overloon War Museum1

    Overloon War Museum

    In the museum you will experience the occupation and the persecution, the opposition, D-Day and the Battle of Overloon.
  2. Philips Museum2

    Philips Museum

    The Philips museum provides a fascinating picture of the way in which Philips evolved from a small incandescent lamp manufacturer into a large and prestigious international group of companies. From the company’s origins in 1891 to the innovations of tomorrow.
  3. DAF Museum3

    DAF Museum

    The DAF Museum is housed in an old brewery from 1884. The museum illustrates the history of Van Doorne's Automobile Factory (DAF). The permanent exhibition consists mainly of DAF vehicles including prototypes and produced sports cars. Furthermore, the museum houses a large collection of trucks. That
  4. Het Noordbrabants Museum4

    Het Noordbrabants Museum

    The Noordbrabants Museum is housed in the former Military Governorate, a monumental 18th century city palace. It is a museum of art, history and culture of North Brabant. The museum illustrates the cultural history of North Brabant by exhibiting historical objects and works of art. The collection ra
  5. Heeswijk Castle5

    Heeswijk Castle

    Heeswijk Castle is a former water fortress from the 11th century. The museum illustrates the housing condition in the middle of the 19th century. The visitor is guided through the castle by a guide that tells the story of the extraordinary life in the castle. Among others, the tour goes through the
  6. Herzogenbusch concentration camp6

    Herzogenbusch concentration camp

    The Herzogenbusch concentration camp was the only SS concentration camp outside Germany and the German annexed territories. Between early 1943 and late 1944, more than 31,000 people were detained here. The museum consists of an indoor and an outdoor area. Outside, an architectural model illustrates
  7. Vincent van GoghHuis7

    Vincent van GoghHuis

    The Vincent van GoghHuis is located on the site of the birthplace of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The museum illustrates the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. The museum also organizes exhibitions on artists from the 20th and 21th centuries who are or were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.
  8. preHistorisch Dorp8

    preHistorisch Dorp

    This open air museum, located in the vast Genneper Parken, shows how life in the Netherlands has been over a period of 10,000 years. Starting from the Stone Age, moving on to the Iron Age, visitors can explore dwellings, tools and other structures that have been reconstructed using the same material
  9. Wings of Liberation9

    Wings of Liberation

    The Wings of Liberation Museum is located in the area where in September 1944 thousands of American troops landed as part of Operation Market Garden. The museum covers the occupation, the oppression and the final liberation of the southern part of the Netherlands. By displaying dioramas, authentic m
  10. Breda's Begijnhofmuseum10

    Breda's Begijnhofmuseum

    Beguinage Breda's Museum paints a picture of the living world of the Breda Beguines. On the first floor is a living room and kitchen as a Beguine had them in the past. In addition, an audiovisual program "Brides of Christ" is running.
  11. Stedelijk Museum Breda11

    Stedelijk Museum Breda

    You can only visit us for a while: from Monday 14 November the museum will be closed for six months. On to May 2023: then we celebrate the festive reopening of our brand new museum. A busy period begins in the museum: we are going to realize an even more beautiful and better museum that is worthwhi
  12. Het Markiezenhof12

    Het Markiezenhof

    Bergen op Zoom
    The Markiezenhof is a late gothic, medieval city palace. The palace houses three museums: the Stad- & regiomuseum, the Spotprentenmuseum en the Kermismuseum. The palace consists of several rooms, corridors, towers, courtyards and gardens that illustrate the history of the city. The kermismuseum disp
  13. Biesbosch MuseumEiland Werkendam13

    Biesbosch MuseumEiland Werkendam

    The Biesbosch Museum Werkendam illustrates the history and the fishing, hunting and ‘griend’ culture in the Biesbosch. The museum also focusses on the artisans in the area. There are workshops of among others, a hoop maker, a basket maker and a cooper. In addition, the museum covers the resistance i
  14. Museum 't Brabants Leven14

    Museum 't Brabants Leven

    Den Dungen
  15. Museum De Sigarenmaker15

    Museum De Sigarenmaker

    Museum the Cigar Maker is dedicated to the craft of making cigars by hand. Among other things, the museum displays cigars, books about cigars and assorted boxes in which the cigars are preserved. Everything that was made around cigars (bands, presenters and other packaging) are also on display in mu
  16. Meierijsche Museumboerderij (farm museum)16

    Meierijsche Museumboerderij (farm museum)

    The Meierijsche Museumboerderij illustrates life and work on a farm in the Brabant Meierij from 1880 to 1930. Topics that are discussed in the museum include the habits and customs of that time. In the Middle Ages, people started agricultural activities on the site of the farm.
  17. Boerenbondsmuseum17


    The Farmers' Union Museum is located in the birthplace of Father Gerlachus van den Elsen (1853-1925). The museum shows what farm life was like around 1900.
  18. Museum Jan Cunen18

    Museum Jan Cunen

    Museum Jan Cunen is a museum dedicated to the city and its region and focusses on contemporary art and 19th century art from the south of Holland. The contemporary art collection includes works by Jan Andriessestraat, Peter Engels, Iris Kensmil, Ronald Ophuis, Viviane Sassen and Han Schuil. In addit
  19. Museum 't Oude Slot19

    Museum 't Oude Slot

    Museum 't Oude Slot is housed in a 200-year-old farm built on the foundations of the Manor ‘Slot Zeelst’ built in approx 1575. The museum manages a unique collection of 17t until earli 20th ventury prints, regional archaeological finds and objects from earlier life in the nearby Kempen areas. Th
  20. Museum Romeins Halder20

    Museum Romeins Halder

    The Museum Roman Halder (Sint-Michielsgestel) paints a picture of Romanization in the hamlet of Halder. All objects, which are displayed in the museum were found in Halder or its surroundings. Halder is located at a distance of half a kilometer from the museum. The collection includes pottery, utens
  21. Bierreclame Museum21

    Bierreclame Museum

    The Beer Advertising Museum is dedicated to the history of beer advertising. The advertisements on display are mainly from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from England, Ireland, Germany and northern France.
  22. Zwanenbroedershuis22


    The Zwanenbroedershuis is a Neo-Gothic building. It is still the house where members of the ‘Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap’ meet. Besides the interior itself, the museum exhibits objects from the 16th and 17th centuries, including antique chairs with coats of arms, Neo-Gothic closets, a Neo-Got
  23. Sint-Jans Museum de Bouwloods23

    Sint-Jans Museum de Bouwloods

    St. John's Museum the Construction Shed is located in a building next to St. John's. All medieval sculptures that could no longer be maintained on the church itself are displayed in the museum. In addition, the museum displays all design models and casts used during restorations, and there is the ch
  24. Princenhaags Museum24

    Princenhaags Museum

    The Princenhaags Museum is located in the old auditorium of the Protestant cemetery Haagveld. The museum is dedicated to the district of Princehage. The seigniory of Hage was first mentioned in 1198. The museum's permanent collection consists of documents, photographs and objects related to the cult
  25. Paulus van Daesdonck Museum25

    Paulus van Daesdonck Museum

  26. Maczek Memorial Breda26

    Maczek Memorial Breda

    We are happy to tell you more about the liberation of Breda in 1944 and the battle that the Poles fought for this. Meet several men from the 1st Polish Armored Division and General Maczek. In addition, we offer an up-to-date program in which freedom, peace and democracy are central. What will y
  27. Castle Museum Julie Postel27

    Castle Museum Julie Postel

    Kasteelmuseum Boxmeer is housed in a castle that was used as a hospital and nursing home in 1800. From this castle, Sister Order the Congregation of Julie Postel dedicated themselves to society. Among other things, the museum displays relics, habits and a special collection of church silver. Also on
  28. Eicha Museum28

    Eicha Museum

  29. Museum Helmond - Kasteel Helmond29

    Museum Helmond - Kasteel Helmond

    Gemeentemuseum Helmond is partly housed in the Helmond Castle and partly in the modern ‘Boscotondohal’. The collection consists of objects related to the history of Helmond and an art collection with the theme ‘Man and Work’ that includes works from 1850 to the present. The museum also exhibits a co
  30. Archeologisch en Paleontologisch Museum Hertogsgemaal30

    Archeologisch en Paleontologisch Museum Hertogsgemaal

    The Archaeological and Paleontological Museum Hertogsgemaal is housed in an old pumping station built from 1940 to 1945. The museum holds a collection consisting largely of archaeological finds and reconstructions from ancient times. The collection consists of four sections: the Stone Age, the Ice A
  31. Museum Brigade en Garde Prinses Irene31

    Museum Brigade en Garde Prinses Irene

    Museum Brigade en Garde Prinses Irene is dedicated to the history of the Royal Dutch Princess Irene Brigade and the Guards Regiment Fusiliers Princess Irene. Photographs, documents, uniforms and historical weapons illustrate the history from 1940 to the present. The objects are displayed in two rest
  32. Natuurhistorisch en Volkenkundig Museum Oudenbosch32

    Natuurhistorisch en Volkenkundig Museum Oudenbosch

    The Natural History and Ethnographic Museum was founded around the collections of the Saint Louis brothers, which were used for visual education in the past. The museum has several departments. The main attraction is the almost thousand stuffed animals on the first floor, which is still decorated
  33. Weverijmuseum33


    Weverijmuseum Geldrop is housed in a monumental factory building. The main collection of the museum consists of looms and machines. The museum shows how to weave and how the process has evolved. In addition there are machines that show how yarn is made and a loom where ‘smeerkussens’ are woven. The
  34. Graafs Museum34

    Graafs Museum

    The Graafs Museum is housed in De Hampoort, a city gate from 1688. The museum illustrates the story of Grave by displaying, archaeological finds, photos, drawings, engravings and various architectural models. It illustrates the history of the municipality of Grave, which consists of the town of Grav
  35. Nationaal Vlasserij-Suikermuseum35

    Nationaal Vlasserij-Suikermuseum

    The Vlasserij-Suikermuseum is located at the west corner of North Brabant, where flax and sugar beet have been cultivated for years. The museum shows the process and the products that are made from both sugar beet and flax, such as linseed oil, flax ribbon, linen and sugar. The museum features vario
  36. Brabants Museum Oud Oosterhout36

    Brabants Museum Oud Oosterhout

    Brabants Museum Oud Oosterhout consists of an indoor and an outdoor museum. The outdoor museum depicts the history of Brabant, and in particular of Oosterhout. The park has about 250 Oosterhout miniature buildings. In addition, it features a Flemish barn, a shoemaker and a laundry room. The indoor m
  37. Geniemuseum37


    The Engineer Museum is located in the old kitchen of the Konzentrationslager Herzogenbusch in Camp Vught. The museum is dedicated to the history of the Regiment of Engineers. By means of tools, uniforms, models, photographs and documents a picture is given of past missions, but also more current one
  38. Museum van Brabantse Mutsen en Poffers38

    Museum van Brabantse Mutsen en Poffers

    The Museum van Brabantse Mutsen en Poffers shows knit caps from Brabant from the period 1880-1945. Every part of Brabant used to have its own kind of cap. People in central and eastern Brabant wore mesh and lace caps, while in western Brabant they wore the double cap with crown. Important in the mus
  39. Museum De Roos39

    Museum De Roos

    Museum de Roos is housed in a building from the 16th, maybe 17th century. The museum illustrates the history of Geertruidenberg and the cores Raamsdonk and Raamsdonkveer, with which it forms a municipality. Geertruidenberg received city rights in 1213 and became the first city of Holland with these
  40. De Looierij40

    De Looierij

    De Looierij is a museum housed in an old tannery, of which the oldest part dates from 1890. The museum illustrates the tanning process and the life of tanners. By walking the ‘looiroute’, the visitor learns everything about tanning. The museum has three sections. In one of the sections a collection
  41. Museum de Vier Quartieren41

    Museum de Vier Quartieren

    Museum de Vier Quartieren exhibits objects related to popular culture, agriculture, crafts and religion. The museum illustrates life in the countryside and in the city between 1840 and 1915. Additionally, the museum displays objects from childhood time, clothes and hats.
  42. Museum Tongerlohuys42

    Museum Tongerlohuys

    The Tongerlohuys Museum is housed in the former clergy house of the St. John's Church from 1762. The collection includes objects that illustrate the main aspects of Roosendaal’s past. The focus of the museum is on the history of the city and its region with its religious past, railways, industry and
  43. Nederlands Zouavenmuseum43

    Nederlands Zouavenmuseum

    The Nederlands Zouavenmuseum is housed in the former town hall from 1776. The museum illustrates the story of the Zouave. People from the Zouave were volunteers in the 19th century, that tried to save the Papal States in Italy. Many people of the Zouave were Dutch. The collection of the museum inclu
  44. Museum De Dorpsdokter44

    Museum De Dorpsdokter

    Museum De Dorpsdokter is dedicated to the life of doctors in villages from early 1800 to 2000. The museum illustrates the life of this old fashioned doctor. The medical historical collection includes medical instruments and related objects. In addition, the museum covers the pharmacist, physiotherap
  45. Gevangenpoort45


    Bergen op Zoom
    The Prison Gate in Bergen op Zoom consists of several authentic experience rooms where the story of this city prison is told. In addition, there is an escape room.
  46. Het Waalres Museum46

    Het Waalres Museum

    The Waalres Museum is housed in the former linen factory ‘Swane’ from 1861. The museum has three collections. The largest collection is the collection of historical damask from the 16th to the 19th century. The Industrial Heritage collection consists of objects that are related to the cultural herit
  47. Heemkundekring en streekmuseum Jan uten Houte47

    Heemkundekring en streekmuseum Jan uten Houte

    Heemkundekring en streekmuseum Jan uten Houte is housed in the Sint Paulushofje from 1681. The museum illustrates the life of people from North Brabant till 1960. The museum includes a shop, a bakery, a bar with a beer tap , and a laundry and ironing area. The ground floor features a room decorated
  48. Jan Visser Museum48

    Jan Visser Museum

    The Jan Visser Museum is dedicated to the old agricultural past before everything in the industry got mechanized. Old farming tools and various other objects illustrate how agriculture used to be. The museum features a decorated forge, a butchery, a shoemaker and a bakery, where objects related to t
  49. Wehrmachthuisje49


    During World War II, 6-8 German soldiers were housed in the Wehrmacht cottage. These soldiers operated a searchlight that was part of a defense line against the Allies. After the war, the Wehrmachthuisje was used as emergency housing because of the housing shortage. The Wehrmachthuisje is the hub of
  50. Visserij- en Cultuurhistorisch museum Woudrichem50

    Visserij- en Cultuurhistorisch museum Woudrichem

    The Fisheries and Cultural History Museum grew out of the initiative of a group of enthusiastic residents of Woudrichem. They started collecting historical material about river fishing. In a few years, so much material was gathered that it was decided to set up a museum. The collection provides an a
  51. Peerke Donders Paviljoen - Museum voor Naastenliefde51

    Peerke Donders Paviljoen - Museum voor Naastenliefde

  52. Beeldenmuseum Zr. Jesualda Kwanten52

    Beeldenmuseum Zr. Jesualda Kwanten

  53. A.M. de Jong Museum53

    A.M. de Jong Museum

  54. Wilhelmieten museum54

    Wilhelmieten museum

    In about six rooms, many reminders of the Wilhelmite Order and of the work of the Brothers of Huijbergen are on display. Each year there is a themed exhibition, exhibits by local artists and musical performances. Check the website for more information.
  55. Zwaluws Museum55

    Zwaluws Museum

    Hooge Zwaluwe
  56. EDAH Museum56

    EDAH Museum

    At the EDAH Museum, visitors experience over 100 years of food distribution. The history of the EDAH company supplemented by others takes the visitor back in time. The museum shows, among other things, products, store types marketing concepts, advertisements, packaging, weighing and checkout systems
  57. Museumgemaal Caners57

    Museumgemaal Caners

    Museum Pumping Station Caners is dedicated to Pumping Station Caners built in 1933 in the style of the Delft School. The pumping station drained the polders behind it. The museum exhibits include photographs, maps and old tools of the water board. In addition, a number of films about the past and pr
  58. Kempenmuseum De Acht Zaligheden58

    Kempenmuseum De Acht Zaligheden

    Kempenmuseum De Acht Zaligheden is housed in a Kempen longhouse farm. The museum illustrates life, living and working in Kempen during the period 1850-1950. The part that is called ‘De Acht Zaligheden’ gets extra focus. The collection includes Brabant textiles, tools and machines. The workshops illu
  59. Het Gouverneurshuis59

    Het Gouverneurshuis

    The Governor's House, founded in 1964, has been housed since 1985 in a listed building dating back to 1592. The museum complex consists of a main house and outbuildings, including a wine barn and a begging house, and is surrounded by a beautiful neoclassical garden.
  60. Kasteel Geldrop60

    Kasteel Geldrop

  61. 61

    Klompenmuseum Best

  62. 62

    Museum M'n Hökske

  63. 63

    Museum Ceuclum

    Museum Ceuclum is housed in a more than 500-year-old church tower. The museum is dedicated to the history of the region. Special attention is paid to prehistory and the Roman period. Using archaeological finds, information panels, drawings and photographs, the story is told.
  64. 64

    Museum de Canonye

  65. 65

    Museum De Tolbrug

  66. 66

    Vughts Museum

    Vughts Museum illustrates the history of Vught. The collection includes paintings, prints, photographs, religious objects and objects related to various crafts. The permanent exhibition focusses on the concentration camp Vught. Main topics are Vught in World War II, crafts, associations, schools, to
  67. 67

    Nederlands Drukkerij Museum

    The Nederlands Drukkerij Museum is dedicated to printing. The museum focusses on old graphics crafts, such as the printer, the typesetter and the bookbinder. The museum’s collection includes a collection of printing presses, typesetting machines, staplers and folding and sewing machines to bind book
  68. 68

    Museum Boxtel

    Museum Boxtel displays a collection consisting of collections from the Hendrik Verhees foundation, the Piet Dorenbosch foundation, the Guild of St. Barbara & St. George and the devotionalia of Gaudete. The museum shows the history of Boxtel from Prehistoric to Modern times through the Canon of Boxte
  69. 69

    Brandweermuseum Wouwse Plantage

    Wouwse Plantage
  70. 70

    Ons Museum

  71. 71

    Museum Zusters van Liefde

    Museum Sisters of Charity is located in one of the former chapels of the convent complex on the Oude Dijk in Tilburg. The museum paints a picture of the life and work of the sisters.
  72. 72

    Museum De Rijf

  73. 73

    Technology with soul

    "Techniek met 'n Ziel" is een museum in Neerkant met een verzameling techniek van 1900 tot heden en een vleugje nostalgie. De verzameling van "Techniek met 'n Ziel" is een collectie van de evolutie van elektrische apparatuur. Verder zijn er verschillende ruimtes, zoals een woonkamer, winkel en een k
  74. 74

    Poppenmuseum Nostalgie

  75. 75

    Ambachtsmuseum en Gereedschapsmuseum De Holle Roffel

  76. 76

    Het Industrieel Atrium

  77. 77

    Carnavalsmuseum Ut Kabinet der Zotheid

    The collection of Carnavalesque Kaaiendonk Historical Fools in cabinets collected and donated by Kaaiendonk.
  78. 78

    Het Nieuwe SchoenenMuseum

    In the side wing of the former Council House on the Raadhuisplein in downtown Waalwijk, the New SchoenenMuseum will open its doors in 2021.

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