The best museums in Alabama in November 2023

These are the top 50 best museums in Alabama, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Alabama? These are the best ones:

  1. Fort Conde1

    Fort Conde

    Mobile, AL
    The present-day Fort Condé, situated in Mobile, Alabama, is a scaled-down reconstruction of the original 1720 French fort. This 4/5 scale model represents a third of the original fort, providing visitors with a tangible representation of the historical structure.
  2. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts2

    Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

    Montgomery, AL
    The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, situated in Montgomery, Alabama, USA, is a renowned institution that houses a variety of art collections. The museum's collections span across different periods and styles, offering visitors a comprehensive view of the evolution of art. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a casual visitor, the museum provides an enriching experience with its diverse exhibits.
  3. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute3

    Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

    Birmingham, AL
    The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is a significant museum and research center located in Birmingham, Alabama. It provides a comprehensive depiction of the events and actions of the 1963 Birmingham campaign, its Children's Crusade, and the broader Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. This institute offers an in-depth understanding of these historical events, making it a valuable destination for those interested in the Civil Rights Movement.
  4. Rosenbaum House4

    Rosenbaum House

    Florence, AL
    The Rosenbaum House, located in Florence, Alabama, is a unique single-family house designed by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It was built specifically for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum, making it a significant piece of architectural history. This house stands as a testament to Wright's innovative design principles and his ability to create functional, beautiful spaces that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings.
  5. History Museum of Mobile5

    History Museum of Mobile

    Mobile, AL
    The Old City Hall, also known as the Southern Market, is a historic complex of adjoining buildings in Mobile, Alabama. This complex currently houses the History Museum of Mobile, making it a significant location for those interested in exploring the city's rich history.
  6. Birmingham Museum of Art6

    Birmingham Museum of Art

    Birmingham, AL
    The Birmingham Museum of Art is a renowned art museum situated in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama. Established in 1951, the museum has since become a significant cultural landmark in the city, offering visitors a chance to explore a diverse range of art from various cultures and periods.
  7. Bragg-mitchell Mansion7

    Bragg-mitchell Mansion

    Mobile, AL
    The Bragg–Mitchell Mansion, also known as the Bragg–Mitchell House, is a historic house museum located in Mobile, Alabama. This iconic building was constructed in 1855 by Judge John Bragg and has since become one of the most photographed structures in the city. It is also a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world who are interested in its rich history and stunning architecture.
  8. Birmingham Zoo8

    Birmingham Zoo

    Birmingham, AL
    The Birmingham Zoo, located in Birmingham, Alabama, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1950 and its opening in 1955. It's a place where visitors can learn about various animal species and their habitats, making it an educational and enjoyable destination for all ages.
  9. International Motorsports Hall of Fame9

    International Motorsports Hall of Fame

    Lincoln, AL
    The International Motorsports Hall of Fame (IMHOF) is a memorial space that pays tribute to individuals who have made significant contributions to motorsports in the United States. This includes promoters, drivers, engineers, and owners who have played a pivotal role in the growth and development of motorsports. The Hall of Fame was established by NASCAR founder, Bill France Sr.
  10. Alabama Aquarium10

    Alabama Aquarium

    Dauphin Island, AL
    The Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL) is Alabama 's primary marine education and research center. DISL is the home site of the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium and was founded by an act of the Alabama State Legislature in 1971. It also has a public aquarium specializing in estuarine organisms, t
  11. Civil Rights Memorial11

    Civil Rights Memorial

    Montgomery, AL
    The Civil Rights Memorial, located in Montgomery, Alabama, is a significant monument in American history. Created by Maya Lin, the memorial features the names of 41 individuals inscribed on a granite fountain. These individuals are recognized as martyrs who lost their lives during the civil rights movement.
  12. Montgomery Zoo12

    Montgomery Zoo

    Montgomery, AL
    The Montgomery Zoo, located on the north side of Montgomery, Alabama, spans 40 acres and is home to a diverse range of wildlife. With approximately 750 animals representing 140 species, visitors can expect to encounter a wide variety of creatures during their visit. The zoo is an independent city department and is supported in part by The Montgomery Area Zoolocal Society.
  13. Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center13

    Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

    Mobile, AL
    The Exploreum Science Center, formerly known as the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center, is a non-profit institution located in downtown Mobile, Alabama. The center is dedicated to promoting science learning through a variety of activities, including exhibits, Digital Dome movies, demonstrations, workshops, and teacher professional development.
  14. Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site14

    Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site

    Tuskegee, AL
    The Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site is a significant location that commemorates the contributions of African-American airmen during World War II. Situated at Moton Field in Tuskegee, Alabama, this site is a testament to the bravery and skill of these pioneering pilots. Visitors can learn about the history and achievements of the Tuskegee Airmen, who overcame segregation and prejudice to become one of the most highly respected fighter groups of the war.
  15. Historic Fort Gaines15

    Historic Fort Gaines

    Dauphin Island, AL
    Fort Gaines is home to a variety of historical artifacts and structures. These include the enormous anchor of the USS Hartford, the flagship of David Farragut, and the original cannons used in the Battle of Mobile Bay. The fort also features five pre-Civil War brick buildings in the inner courtyard, a working forge and kitchens, and tunnel systems leading to fortified corner bastions. These features provide a unique glimpse into the past.
  16. Bridgeport Depot Museum16

    Bridgeport Depot Museum

    Bridgeport, AL
    The Bridgeport Depot Museum, located in Bridgeport, Alabama, is a repository of railroad memorabilia and a variety of local artifacts. The museum's collection provides a glimpse into the town's rich history and its connection to the railroad industry. Visitors can explore a wide range of items that reflect the local culture and history.
  17. Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo17

    Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

    Gulf Shores, AL
    Spread over approximately 25 acres, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is home to more than 300 animals. The zoo's diverse collection includes Barbary lions, leopards, tigers, wolves, bears, monkeys, and macaws, providing visitors with a rich and varied wildlife experience.
  18. Freedom Rides Museum18

    Freedom Rides Museum

    Montgomery, AL
  19. Mobile Medical Museum19

    Mobile Medical Museum

    Mobile, AL
  20. Phoenix Fire Museum20

    Phoenix Fire Museum

    Mobile, AL
  21. Conde Charlotte Museum21

    Conde Charlotte Museum

    Mobile, AL
    The Conde–Charlotte House, also known as the Kirkbride House, is a historic house museum located in Mobile, Alabama. This museum is a significant part of the city's history, having been built in 1822 and serving as Mobile's first courthouse and city jail. The house was later purchased by Jonathan Kirkbride in 1849 and converted into a residence. It remained in the Kirkbride family until 1905, after which it was purchased by the Historic Mobile Preservation Society in 1940. The house has undergone several restorations, revealing the outlines of the old jail cells in the kitchen wing.
  22. Richards Dar House Museum22

    Richards Dar House Museum

    Mobile, AL
    The Richards DAR House is a historic house museum located in Mobile, Alabama, United States. This museum is a significant part of the city's history and offers visitors a glimpse into the past. The house was completed in 1860 and is a prime example of Italianate style architecture. It is a contributing property to the De Tonti Square Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  23. Mobile Museum of Art23

    Mobile Museum of Art

    Mobile, AL
    The Mobile Museum of Art (MMofA), situated in Mobile, Alabama, is renowned for its extensive art collections that span across the United States, Europe, and non-western art. This diversity in collections offers visitors a broad perspective on global art.
  24. F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum24

    F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum

    Montgomery, AL
    The writer and his wife used to live here in 1931. Beautifully furnished with many memorabilia on display.
  25. Southern Museum of Flight25

    Southern Museum of Flight

    Birmingham, AL
    The Southern Museum of Flight, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is a civilian aviation museum. It is a place where visitors can explore the history and development of civilian aviation. The museum is home to nearly 100 aircraft, along with engines, models, artifacts, photographs, and paintings. It provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of aviation, making it a fascinating destination for anyone interested in the history of flight.
  26. Alabama Sports Hall of Fame26

    Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

    Birmingham, AL
    The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (ASHOF) is a state museum situated in Birmingham, Alabama. Its primary focus is to communicate the state's rich athletic history to its visitors. The museum is a testament to the sports legacy of Alabama, making it a significant destination for sports enthusiasts and history buffs alike.
  27. 27

    Rosa Parks Library and Museum

    Montgomery, AL
    A well-presented museum about the Civil Rights movement - specifically, about the woman who is often called its mother.
  28. Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art28

    Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

    Auburn, AL
    The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art is a unique institution located on the campus of Auburn University. It holds the distinction of being the only accredited university art museum in Alabama. This accreditation signifies the museum's commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards for educational exhibitions, operations, and collections stewardship.
  29. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum29

    Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

    Birmingham, AL
  30. Mcwane Science Center30

    Mcwane Science Center

    Birmingham, AL
    The McWane Science Center, located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, serves as both a science museum and a research archive. This unique combination makes it a fascinating destination for those interested in exploring the world of science in an interactive and engaging way.
  31. The Weeden House Museum31

    The Weeden House Museum

    Huntsville, AL
    The Weeden House Museum, located in Huntsville, Alabama, is a historic two-story house. It was constructed in 1819 and is a prime example of the Federal architectural style. This style is characterized by symmetry, simple geometric shapes, and grandeur, which are all evident in the design of the Weeden House.
  32. Burritt on the Mountain32

    Burritt on the Mountain

    Huntsville, AL
    Burritt on the Mountain is an open-air museum situated in Huntsville, Alabama. The museum is located on the grounds of the estate of local physician William Burritt. This unique location offers visitors a chance to explore the history and culture of the area through the preserved structures and exhibits.
  33. EarlyWorks Children's Museum33

    EarlyWorks Children's Museum

    Huntsville, AL
  34. North Alabma Railroad Museum34

    North Alabma Railroad Museum

    Huntsville, AL
  35. Huntsville Museum of Art35

    Huntsville Museum of Art

    Huntsville, AL
    The Huntsville Museum of Art boasts a diverse collection of 2300 works. The majority of these pieces are from American and regional artists, reflecting the museum's focus on local and national art. Additionally, the museum houses artworks from Asia, Africa, and Europe, showcasing the global influences on American art.
  36. Alabama Museum of Natural History36

    Alabama Museum of Natural History

    Tuscaloosa, AL
    The Alabama Museum of Natural History, situated in Smith Hall on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa, is the state's premier natural history museum. It offers a comprehensive look into the natural diversity of Alabama, with exhibits spanning from the Age of Dinosaurs to the Ice Age.
  37. Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum37

    Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum

    Tuscaloosa, AL
    In May 2005, it was announced that the bathhouse would be converted into a transportation museum. This transformation was made possible after the Alabama Department of Transportation awarded the city a grant to convert the facility into a museum illustrating the history of transportation in Tuscaloosa. The financing for the project came from a $1.94 million federal award that required a 20 percent match by the city.
  38. Mercedes-Benz Visitor Center and Museum38

    Mercedes-Benz Visitor Center and Museum

    Tuscaloosa, AL
    The Mercedes-Benz Tuscaloosa plant was completed in July 1996. The construction of this plant was a significant investment by Daimler, with a total cost of 300 million US dollars. This investment was part of Daimler's strategy to better serve the American market and underline its claim as a global company.
  39. Paul W. Bryant Museum39

    Paul W. Bryant Museum

    Tuscaloosa, AL
    The Paul W. Bryant Museum, situated on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was established in 1985 and opened its doors to the public in 1988. The museum's primary focus is on the history of Alabama football, with a particular emphasis on the legendary coach Bear Bryant. This institution serves as a tribute to the legacy of Alabama football and the significant contributions of Coach Bryant.
  40. Booker T. Washington House40

    Booker T. Washington House

    Tuskegee, AL
    Tuskegee University, located in Tuskegee, Alabama, is one of the most renowned historical African American educational institutions in the United States. Founded in 1880 by Lewis Adams, a former slave, and George Campbell, a former slave owner, the university continues to operate today, open to all population groups. The university has a rich history and has played a significant role in the education and empowerment of the African American community.
  41. George Washington Carver Museum41

    George Washington Carver Museum

    Tuskegee, AL
  42. Fort Payne Depot and Museum42

    Fort Payne Depot and Museum

    Fort Payne, AL
    The Fort Payne Depot Museum, originally known as the Alabama Great Southern Railroad Passenger Depot, is a historic site situated in Fort Payne, Alabama. This building carries a rich history and is a significant landmark in the region.
  43. Shelby County Historical Society43

    Shelby County Historical Society

    Columbiana, AL
    The Old Shelby County Courthouse, also known as Columbiana City Hall, is a historic building located in Columbiana, Alabama. Constructed in 1854, this former courthouse has a rich history and is a significant landmark in the city. It served as the courthouse for Shelby County until 1906, after which it was used as the city hall for Columbiana. Today, it stands as a testament to the city's past and is a point of interest for those visiting the area.
  44. Joseph T. Smitherman Historic Building44

    Joseph T. Smitherman Historic Building

    Selma, AL
    The Joseph T. Smitherman Historic Building, located in Selma, Alabama, is a historic Greek Revival building that was completed in 1847. This building has served many functions over its more than 160 years of existence and is a testament to the architectural and historical significance of the area.
  45. Sturdivant Hall45

    Sturdivant Hall

    Selma, AL
    Sturdivant Hall, also referred to as the Watts-Parkman-Gillman Home, is a historic mansion and house museum located in Selma, Alabama. This Greek Revival architectural masterpiece is a significant part of the United States' history and offers a unique glimpse into the past.
  46. Cook Museum of Natural Science46

    Cook Museum of Natural Science

    Decatur, AL
    The Cook Museum of Natural Science is a state-of-the-art natural science museum in downtown Decatur, AL. It provides a hands-on, immersive experience where kids can explore, interact with, and learn about nature.
  47. Clarke County Historical Museum47

    Clarke County Historical Museum

    Grove Hill, AL
    The Clarke County Historical Museum, formerly known as the Alston-Cobb House, is a significant historical site located in Grove Hill, Alabama. This museum is not only a local history museum but also a historic house museum, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore the rich history of the region in an authentic setting.
  48. Three Notch Museum48

    Three Notch Museum

    Andalusia, AL
    The Three Notch Museum, located in Andalusia, Alabama, is a historic train station that has been converted into a museum. This museum, which was once the Central Depot of Georgia, offers visitors a unique glimpse into the past, showcasing the rich history of the area and the significant role that the railway played in its development.
  49. United States Army Aviation Museum49

    United States Army Aviation Museum

    Fort Rucker, AL
    The United States Army Aviation Museum is situated on Fort Novosel, in close proximity to Daleville, Alabama. This location is easily accessible and offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich history of army aviation in a setting that is both educational and engaging.
  50. Dexter Parsonage Museum50

    Dexter Parsonage Museum

    Montgomery, AL

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