All history museums and attractions to visit in Zeeland

Zeeland (the Netherlands) is a good place to visit if you are interested in history. Below we list all 33 history museums in Zeeland, to lose yourself in the place's cultural heritage and local history.

Are you a real history buff and are you looking for the best history museums to visit in Zeeland? These are the ones:

  1. Watersnoodmuseum1


    The Watersnood Museum is housed in four caissons used for closing the last gap in the dike. The museum illustrates the flood of February 1, 1953, and what happened afterwards. More than 1,800 people drowned during the flood. The concrete boats are sixty feet long, twenty feet wide and twenty feet hi
  2. De Plompe Toren2

    De Plompe Toren

    The Plompe Toren is the only remnant of Koudekerke, a village that disappeared into the Oosterschelde at the end of the 16th century. The Plompe Toren is now an information center about the history, legends and nature of the region.
  3. Zeeuws Museum3

    Zeeuws Museum

    The Zeeuws Museum is housed in the medieval abbey of Middelburg. The museum's collection consists of approximately 30,000 objects related to the history of Zeeland. It includes Zeeland tapestries, a collection of contemporary art from Zeeland and a historical collection of the ‘Koninklijk Zeeuwsch G
  4. Historical Museum De Bevelanden4

    Historical Museum De Bevelanden

    Historisch Museum De Bevelanden is housed in a former convent and orphanage. It illustrates the history of North and South Beveland. The permanent exhibition cover topics such as embankments and floods, the militia, costumes of Beveland, the orphanage and the city of Goes. There is also always a tem
  5. Museumhaven Zeeland5

    Museumhaven Zeeland

    Museumhaven Zeeland is located in the old port of Zierikzee. The museum illustrates the maritime history of Zierikzee and has an indoor and an outdoor location. At the outdoor location at the old harbour, restored ships are on display, including a ‘botter’, a ‘hoogaars’, a clipper and a ‘boeier’. Th
  6. Terra Maris6

    Terra Maris

    Terra Maris is housed in the former orangery and carriage house of Castle Westhove. It is a museum dedicated to the nature and landscape of Zeeland. The visitor learns about sea villages engulfed by the sea and life in the sea. There is also a garden that gives away some of the characteristic of the
  7. Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee7

    Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee

    Housed in the former city hall of Zierikzee, the Stadhuismuseum conveys the story of the monumental city of Zierikzee and her surroundings. The building and the collection showcase the historic affluence of this city. From Zierikzee’s former seaport a lively trade in salt and madder took place with
  8. Museum Goemanszorg8

    Museum Goemanszorg

    Museum Goemanszorg is housed in a restored 18th century farmhouse. The farmhouse includes a stately porch, kitchen, upstairs room, a bedstead and an authentic cellar. A garden is situated around the farm with agricultural crops, fruit trees and herbs. There is also a barn with a collection of tools
  9. MuZEEum9


    The Maritime Muzeeum Zeeland is a must visit when in Zeeland. It's located in the marina of Vlissingen in a building complex with buildings from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 21st century. The museum is totally renovated en re-opened in 2023. With the free audiotour you'll meet all kind of characters co
  10. Polderhuis Westkapelle - Dijk- en Oorlogsmuseum10

    Polderhuis Westkapelle - Dijk- en Oorlogsmuseum

    The Polderhuis Westkapelle Dijk- en Oorlogsmuseum is housed in an old building of the water board. The permanent exhibition presents an overview of the history of Westkapelle and Walcheren. The history is illustrated through interactive media, stories, photos, and other objects. Dikers were very im
  11. Museum Veere11

    Museum Veere

    Museum Veere has two historical locations: The Schotse Huizen and the city hall. It is a historical museum of the city of Veere that covers the history of Veere, art and the centuries-old relationship with Scotland. The museum houses a ‘Schotse Kamer’ decorated as an office and reception room of the
  12. Museum Het Bolwerk12

    Museum Het Bolwerk

    Museum Het Bolwerk is a museum that is dedicated to the ‘Staats-Spaanse Linies ‘. The Eighty Years' War has played a major role in the history of Zeeland. The collection includes various objects, drawings, maps and models that illustrate how the residents of the region defended themselves from attac
  13. Streekmuseum De Meestoof13

    Streekmuseum De Meestoof

    Streekmuseum De Meestoof illustrates daily life in the Tholen and St. Philipland countryside with a focus on themes such as culture, agriculture, fishing and crafts. The museum is mostly dedicated to dyer’s madder, Tholen costumes and jewellery, glassware and ceramics by Chris Lanooy. In addition to
  14. Oosterschelde Museum14

    Oosterschelde Museum

    The Oosterschelde museum is housed in two rooms on the ground floor of the former town hall of Yerseke from 1914. The collection of the museum includes tools, utensils, documents and photographs that illustrate the past, present and future of the mussel and oyster culture and the history of Yerseke.
  15. Bunkermuseum Zoutelande15

    Bunkermuseum Zoutelande

    The Bunker Museum illustrates life in a bunker. The story is told of the German soldiers that were sometimes here for a few months to defend the Atlantic Wall. The bunker still features weapons, various other equipment and communications devices. Every year the museum focusses on a different theme.
  16. Cameramuseum Zierikzee16

    Cameramuseum Zierikzee

    The Camera Museum is located in the center of Zierikzee. The museum tells the story of the history and origins of photography in all its facets until now. What does a prism have to do with photography, when and how was the first photograph made and what is a camera obscura? Visitors will discover mo
  17. Gravensteen17


    The Gravensteen is the former stone house of the Count. It is the old administrative and governmental center of the Count of Holland, Zeeland and West Friesland. It is also the oldest prison in Zeeland. The prisoners, who were locked up here under poor conditions, have left most traces. The hostage
  18. Museum Hulst18

    Museum Hulst

    Museum De Vier Ambachten has a collection of historical, cultural or nostalgic pieces from the antiquities society. The pieces are mainly from the surroundings of Hulst. The collection is based on three main themes: the Cistercians, fortifications and the story of the Fox Reynaert. Several changing
  19. De Burghse Schoole19

    De Burghse Schoole

    Museum 'De Burghse Schoole' is an authentic old school building from around 1845 and has the status of a national monument. The museum has three exhibition spaces: a classroom from 1920, a room for changing exhibitions and a room with the theme 'the Carolingian Ringwalburg', which is located behind
  20. Brouws Museum20

    Brouws Museum

    The Brouws Museum is situated at the harbor in Brouw. The museum covers all aspects of the relationship of Brouw with its rich maritime history. In the past, the port served both as a port for transhipment, and as a port for fishermen. Brouwershaven is also the hometown of poet Jacob Cats (1577-1660
  21. Gemeentelijk Archeologisch Museum Aardenburg21

    Gemeentelijk Archeologisch Museum Aardenburg

    Many Roman and medieval objects have been found in the soil of Aardenburg. The museum's collection consists of these Aardenburg soil finds. Using the collection and fictional persons, a picture is painted of the daily life of Roman soldiers and civilians who lived in this region. There are also fict
  22. Memorial 40-45 Kapelle22

    Memorial 40-45 Kapelle

    Memorial 40-45 Kapelle: a place of remembrance An often forgotten but important chapter of World War II is that in the May days of 1940 and the war years that followed, thousands of French soldiers fought on Dutch soil. Many died in and around Kapelle, but also in other places in Zeeland and other p
  23. 23

    Bevrijdingsmuseum Zeeland

    Bevrijdingsmuseum Zeeland illustrates the history of Zeeland during World War II. The museum offers a guided tour that leads the visitor through the most important events. The museum’s main topic is the story of Kees Sinke, who went into the army in 1939 during the mobilization. The museum also cove
  24. 24

    Industrieel museum Zeeland

    Sas van Gent
  25. 25

    Museum 't Vlasschuurken

    Museum 't Vlasschuurken illustrates the ‘flax life’. The collection consists of original instruments and machines that illustrate the cultivation of flax and flax processing. The seed machine and the harvesting machine are on display and are still functional, which allows visitors to see the entire
  26. 26

    Museum Het Belfort

  27. 27

    Oorlogsmuseum Switchback

    The War Museum Switchback focuses on the history of World War II, with special attention to the liberation in the fall of 1944. The museum is named after the code name of the Canadian military operation to liberate West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in October 1944: Operation Switch Back.
  28. 28

    Wings to Victory

    Wings to Victory is a museum on the air war over the southwestern part of the Netherlands.
  29. 29

    Brusea Monumentale Visserswoning en Visserijmuseum

    Brusea Monumental Fisherman's House and Fisheries Museum is dedicated to Zeeland's history. The antiquities room shows how and fishing family from 1800 lived. In addition to the antiquities room, the museum also displays a collection of mussels, lobsters and crabs, among other things.
  30. 30

    Historische Scheepswerf C.A. Meerman

    The Historic Shipyard C.A. Meerman is a working museum shipyard. It is the oldest shipyard in Zeeland, founded in 1763. The ship shed, the slipway and the fire pit are still in use. The saw shed is fully equipped as a museum. Among other things, old implements and tools can be admired.
  31. 31

    Museum Arnemuiden

    Museum Arnemuiden seeks to record local history, exhibit and tell the stories of past times. The museum is located at two locations on Langstraat.
  32. 32

    Museum Anna Paulowna

  33. 33

    Streekmuseum het Warenhuis

    Streekmuseum Het Land van Axel is dedicated to the history of Axel. The collection includes the interior of a room and a peasant farmer's kitchen from around 1880. The museum also exhibits a collection of Axel costumes with matching jewellery. In addition, the collection includes archaeological find

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