All science & technology museums and attractions to visit in North Holland

North Holland (the Netherlands) has some interesting places to visit if you are interested in science and technology. Below we list all 20 museums and attractions related to science and technology in North Holland for you to visit.

Are you into science and technology and are you looking for the best science museums to visit in North Holland? These are the ones:

  1. Teylers Museum1

    Teylers Museum

    Teylers Museum has an important collection of drawings by Italian and Dutch masters, including famous prints and drawings by Rembrandt and Michelangelo. It also has a collection of paintings with works from the Romantic and Hague School. In the monumental Oval Room, various instruments are exhibited
  2. The National Maritime Museum2

    The National Maritime Museum

    The National Maritime Museum holds one of the world's largest and most notable maritime collections including paintings, ship models, navigation instruments and sea charts. Discover 500 years of Dutch maritime history and its strong link to society of today and tomorrow. The collection includes ship
  3. Online discount!Body Worlds: The Happiness Project3

    Body Worlds: The Happiness Project

    Body Worlds: The Happiness Project is a permanent exhibition. The exhibition illustrates the story of the human body and the impact of happiness on health. More than 200 anatomical specimens of human bodies are exhibited that illustrate the complexity, resilience and vulnerability of the human body.
  4. NEMO Science Museum4

    NEMO Science Museum

    NEMO Science Museum is located on the foundations of the IJ-tunnel in a building from 1997 designed by Renzo Piano. It is the largest science museum in the Netherlands. The visitor can discover the world of science and technology, by doing experiments on scientific and technical developments related
  5. Micropia5


    Micropia is located in the historic ‘Ledenlokalen’ from 1870. In Micropia the invisible world of microorganisms is made visible and accessible for a broad audience. Micro-organisms such as fungi and bacteria are everywhere and define how our world looks like. Visitors are informed about current issu
  6. Fashion for Good Museum6

    Fashion for Good Museum

    In the museum, you will learn where your clothes come from and discover the innovations shaping the future of fashion. Throughout the building, you can find concrete ways to have a positive impact, commit to taking action and shop sustainable products (that is, when you need to shop at all). The Fa
  7. Zaandam Time Museum7

    Zaandam Time Museum

    Museum van het Nederlandse Uurwerk is housed in a 17th century house. The museum presents an overview of the history of timekeeping in the Netherlands. The collection consists mainly of Dutch historical timepieces from 1500 to 1850. It includes tower clocks, the first and the earliest Dutch grandfat
  8. Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision8

    Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

    The recently reopened Media Museum is housed in the building of the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision in Hilversum. The museum is all about you: it's about your life in media - then, now and in the future. The museum tells the story of the great influence that media has on our daily lives. Th
  9. Museum De Cruquius9

    Museum De Cruquius

    Museum De Cruquius is housed in the former pumping station Cruquius, that was used between 1848 and 1852 for the reclamation of the Haarlemmermeer. The museum is dedicated to the industrial history. The collection consists of steam engines, models of windmills, polder architectural models and old ma
  10. Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam10

    Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam

    The Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam commutes with old trams from the Haarlemmermeerstation in Amsterdam to Bovenkerk Station in Amstelveen. There are trips with various trams from the period 1904 - 1954, from various European cities.
  11. Dutch Steam Engine Museum11

    Dutch Steam Engine Museum

    The Dutch Steam Engine Museum shows, through working examples, the exciting history of the development of the steam engine. Steam engines played a major role in the Industrial Revolution. Most of the engines have since been replaced by other forms of power but fortunately we still have some of those
  12. Museum Vrolik12

    Museum Vrolik

    Museum Vrolik is an anatomical museum that is part of the AMC. The museum illustrates diseases and what diseases do to a body. The collection of the museum includes normal anatomy of humans and animals, but also, pathological anatomy and birth defects. There are approximately 10,000 objects, anatomi
  13. Comenius Museum13

    Comenius Museum

    The Comenius Museum is housed in a former monastery. The museum is dedicated to the life and work of the famous Czech scholar Jan Amos Comenius (1592-1670). With its permanent collection "Vivat Comenius" the museum gives an overview of his life. The museum also provides access to the adjacent mausol
  14. Aviation & War Museum Texel14

    Aviation & War Museum Texel

    De Cocksdorp
    The Aviation and War Museum Texel focuses on the history of aviation and events during the Second World War on and around the island of Texel. A Kolibrie ('Hummingbird') helicopter, a replica of a Scheldemusch and a Fokker Spin, and a Saab Safir are some of the aircraft on display. The part about th
  15. Museum 't Kromhout15

    Museum 't Kromhout

    Museum 't Kromhout Kromhout is a ‘working museum’ that features a collection of engines that are manufactured by Firma Kromhout. All engines that are on display are still functional and will be demonstrated. The museum also features an original forge from the nineteenth century and a film room with
  16. Poldermuseum Heerhugowaard16

    Poldermuseum Heerhugowaard

    Poldermuseum Heerhugowaard is located in the former pumping station on the southern ring dike. The museum displays cultural-historical objects related to the Heerhugowaard polder. Among other things, there is a permanent collection of two archaeological finds from the polder as well as jewelry, maps
  17. NZH Public Transport Museum17

    NZH Public Transport Museum

    The NZH Transportation Museum was created in 1981 to mark the 100th anniversary of the transportation company NZHVM. Later called the NZH. In its existence it was the largest public transport company in the Netherlands with 1000 buses and about 3000 employees. The transport area stretched between Te
  18. Eendenmuseum18


  19. 19

    Automuseum Schagen

    Automuseum Schagen displays about fifty vintage cars of various makes, including Dutch DAFs, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Citroën, Renault and Peugeot. In addition, the museum displays a collection of motorcycles and mopeds and old farm tools.
  20. 20

    Theepottenmuseum The TeaRat

    In a Victorian living room, host Martin Oudbier tells the story of the teapots that are exhibited in the museum.

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