All nature & natural history museums and attractions to visit in Georgia

Georgia (United States) has a lot to offer for people that like animals, plants and anything else related to nature and its history. Below we list all 8 nature and natural history museums that are located in Georgia.

Is nature and the natural world something that interests you and are you looking for the best nature museums to visit in Georgia? These are the ones:

  1. Zoo Atlanta1

    Zoo Atlanta

    Atlanta, GA
    Zoo Atlanta, operated by the Zoo and Aquarium Society, is one of the main attractions in Atlanta. It was founded in 1889 and covers 16 hectares. The zoo is located in Grant Park and attracts around one million visitors each year. It houses around 1,000 animals from 250 species from all over the world.
  2. Online discount!Georgia Aquarium2

    Georgia Aquarium

    Atlanta, GA
    The Georgia Aquarium, situated in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, held the title of the world's largest aquarium until 2012. It boasts over 30,000 cubic meters of both salt and fresh water, providing a diverse environment for a wide range of aquatic species. This impressive size and variety make it a unique destination for tourists interested in marine life.
  3. 3

    SeaQuest Stonecrest

  4. Fernbank Museum of Natural History4

    Fernbank Museum of Natural History

    Atlanta, GA
    The Fernbank Museum of Natural History, situated in Atlanta, Georgia, is a renowned institution that showcases a variety of exhibitions and programs centered around natural history. Visitors can expect to immerse themselves in a wealth of knowledge about the natural world, with the museum's offerings ranging from permanent exhibitions to temporary displays that cover a wide array of natural history topics.
  5. 5

    Wild Animal Safari

    Pine Mountain, GA
  6. Atlanta Botanical Garden6

    Atlanta Botanical Garden

    Atlanta, GA
    The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a sprawling 12-hectare botanical garden nestled in Piedmont Park, Midtown Atlanta. This expansive garden is home to a variety of landscapes featuring diverse plant species, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and botany enthusiasts.
  7. 7

    Bear Hollow Zoo

    Athens-Clarke County, GA
  8. 8

    William Root House Museum & Garden

    Marietta, GA

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