All free museums and attractions to visit in Brussels

If you are on a budget Brussels (Belgium) still has a lot to offer for you culturally, including free museums, free activities and free attractions. 12 museums and attractions in Brussels can be visited without charge.

Are you looking for free things to do in Brussels? These are the best places to visit:

  1. BIP Expo: experience Brussels!1

    BIP Expo: experience Brussels!

    BIP Expo: experience Brussels! presents an informative exhibition about the Brussels Region.
  2. Museum of the National Bank of Belgium2

    Museum of the National Bank of Belgium

    The National Bank of Belgium houses its museum in a magnificent nineteenth-century bank building. This is the perfect backdrop to get acquainted with the activities of a European central bank and the history of money. Use the audio guide to visit the museum (free) and test your knowledge of the Eur
  3. La Hall Saint Gery3

    La Hall Saint Gery

    The St. Gorikshallen are former covered market halls. They host temporary exhibitions and events.
  4. Marc Sleen Museum4

    Marc Sleen Museum

    The Marc Sleen Museum is dedicated to Flemish cartoonist Marc Sleen who is best known for his comic series The Adventures of Nero & Co.
  5. 5

    Printing Museum - Imprimarium

    The Museum of Printing is located in the underground floors of the Royal Library. The museum displays a European collection of printing presses and printing equipment and highlights the evolution from the Industrial Revolution at the end of the 18th century to the advent of the computer circa 1980.
  6. Parlamentarium6


    In the Parlamentarium, visitors learn about the European Parliament. Visitors are given a dynamic, interactive multimedia tour of the history of European integration and its impact.
  7. Belfius Art Collection7

    Belfius Art Collection

    The Belfius Collection is a Belgian art collection of the Belgian bank Belfius.It is an art collection of more than 4,500 works, the largest private collection in the country. The collection includes Flemish masters from the 16th and 17th centuries, modern art from 1860 to 1960, and art from 1960 to
  8. Flemish Parliament Visitor Centre8

    Flemish Parliament Visitor Centre

    At the Flemish Parliament Visitor Centre, you get to experience Flemish democracy from the front row. The Visitor Centre is located in the Flemish Parliament’s historical reception hall, in the heart of Brussels. Become acquainted with the 124 members of the Flemish Parliament and get the inside
  9. 9

    Archives and Museum of Flemish Life in Brussels

    The Archives and Museum of Flemish Life in Brussels paints a picture of the history of Flemish people in Brussels in the 19th and 20th centuries. The collection of Dutch-speaking Brussels heritage includes various documents, correspondence, posters, flags, honorary metals and busts. One exhibition p
  10. 10

    Belgium museum of Radiology

    The Belgian Museum of Radiology showcases the role Belgium has played and continues to play in radiology. The museum traces the history of this science, from the pioneers of X-rays to the most recent medical developments, such as ultrasound. It is not limited to medicine. There is also a focus on ra
  11. 11

    Orthodox Church Museum

    The Museum of the Orthodox Church displays various icons, some typical liturgical objects and priestly garments. Also on display are objects from the first Belgian Orthodox Church founded in Antwerp in 1900.
  12. 12

    House of European History


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