All history museums and attractions to visit in Wilmington

Wilmington (North Carolina) is a good place to visit if you are interested in history. Below we list all 4 history museums in Wilmington, to lose yourself in the place's cultural heritage and local history.

Are you a real history buff and are you looking for the best history museums to visit in Wilmington? These are the ones:

  1. Wilmington Railroad Museum1

    Wilmington Railroad Museum

    Wilmington, NC
    Wilmington used to be the headquarters for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad for over 100 years. That's why the interesting museum is here.
  2. Burgwin-wright Museum House2

    Burgwin-wright Museum House

    Wilmington, NC
    The Burgwin Wright House, constructed in 1770, holds the distinction of being the only structure in Wilmington, North Carolina from the colonial era that is open to the public. This historic house was built for John Burgwin, a merchant, planter, and government official. Today, it offers visitors a unique glimpse into the past, showcasing hundreds of 18th and 19th-century antiques in its rooms.
  3. Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Design Arts3

    Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Design Arts

    Wilmington, NC
    The Bellamy Mansion, a historic architectural marvel, was constructed between 1859 and 1861. It showcases a unique blend of Neoclassical architectural styles, including Greek Revival and Italianate. The mansion is situated at 503 Market Street, in the heart of downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. This location makes it easily accessible for tourists and visitors.
  4. 4

    Latimer House Museum

    Wilmington, NC
    Magnificent building built in 1850's contains original furnishing and artwork. So much interesting history inside!

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