All free museums and attractions to visit in San Francisco

If you are on a budget San Francisco (California) still has a lot to offer for you culturally, including free museums, free activities and free attractions. 16 museums and attractions in San Francisco can be visited without charge.

Are you looking for free things to do in San Francisco? These are the best places to visit:

  1. Musée Mécanique1

    Musée Mécanique

    San Francisco, CA
  2. Cable Car Museum2

    Cable Car Museum

    San Francisco, CA
    The Cable Car Museum is located in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, California. This museum is free to enter, making it an accessible option for tourists of all budgets. It offers a unique insight into the history and workings of the city's iconic cable car system.
  3. Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum3

    Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum

    San Francisco, CA
    Good Vibrations is a corporation based in San Francisco that specializes in the sale of sex toys and other erotic products. The company was established in 1977 by Joani Blank, a sex therapist and educator. It was the first sex-positive and women-friendly store in the United States, aiming to provide a sex-positive and woman-centered alternative to the adult bookstores of the time.
  4. Wells Fargo History Museum4

    Wells Fargo History Museum

    San Francisco, CA
    Built on the site of former Wells Fargo Bank, this museum features various exhibits on the history of banking. The exhibition is both interesting and educational - drive a stagecoach or see how vintage bank machines worked.
  5. Southern Exposure5

    Southern Exposure

    San Francisco, CA
    Southern Exposure, also known as SoEx, is a non-profit arts organization and alternative art space that was established in 1974. It is located in the Mission District of San Francisco, California. This organization is dedicated to supporting emerging artists and fostering a vibrant art community.
  6. Steinhart Aquarium6

    Steinhart Aquarium

    San Francisco, CA
    The California Academy of Sciences, located in San Francisco, California, is a research institute and natural history museum. It is among the largest museums of natural history in the world, housing over 46 million specimens. This makes it a significant destination for those interested in natural history and scientific research.
  7. San Francisco Railway Museum7

    San Francisco Railway Museum

    San Francisco, CA
    The San Francisco Railway Museum is situated in the South of Market area of San Francisco. This location is easily accessible and is in close proximity to other popular tourist destinations in the city. The museum's location makes it a convenient stop for tourists exploring the city.
  8. California Society of Pioneers Museum and Library8

    California Society of Pioneers Museum and Library

    San Francisco, CA
    The Society of California Pioneers is a historical organization that was established in 1850. It is dedicated to the study and enjoyment of California's art, history, and culture. The society was founded by individuals who arrived in California before 1850 and has been thriving under the leadership of their direct descendants. It serves its members, the academic community, and the public.
  9. CCA Wattis Institute For Contemporary Arts9

    CCA Wattis Institute For Contemporary Arts

    San Francisco, CA
    The Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, established in 1998, is a renowned contemporary art center located in San Francisco, California. It is an integral part of the California College of the Arts, contributing to the vibrant arts scene of the city.
  10. Randall Museum10

    Randall Museum

    San Francisco, CA
    The Randall Museum, located in central San Francisco, California, is a unique institution owned and operated by the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department, with the support of the Randall Friends. This museum offers a diverse range of exhibits and activities, making it an interesting destination for tourists of all ages.
  11. 11

    Pier 24

    San Francisco, CA
  12. 12

    Farallones Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center

    San Francisco, CA
  13. 13

    Museum of Russian Culture

    San Francisco, CA
  14. 14

    Museum of the Eye

    San Francisco, CA
  15. 15

    Treasure Island Museum

    San Francisco, CA
  16. 16

    San Francisco Fire Department Museum

    San Francisco, CA
    This small museum presents the history of San Francisco firefighters through various memorabilia including vintage fire engines.

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