The best museums in Northern Territory in December 2023

These are the top 20 best museums in Northern Territory, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Northern Territory? These are the best ones:

  1. Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory1

    Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

    The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) is situated in the inner Darwin suburb of Fannie Bay. This location is easily accessible and offers a variety of exhibits and collections for visitors to explore. The museum is governed by the Board of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and is supported by the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory Foundation.
  2. Territory Wildlife Park2

    Territory Wildlife Park

    Berry Springs
    The Territory Wildlife Park is a vast zoo located in Berry Springs, in the Northern Territory of Australia. Covering an impressive 400 hectares, the park is situated on the Cox Peninsula, near the city of Darwin. This location makes it easily accessible for tourists visiting the region, offering them a chance to explore the diverse wildlife of Australia in a single location.
  3. Darwin Military Museum3

    Darwin Military Museum

  4. 4

    Crocosaurus Cove

  5. Alice Springs Desert Park5

    Alice Springs Desert Park

    Alice Springs
    The Alice Springs Desert Park is a unique combination of an environmental education facility and a wildlife park, located in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about and experience the diverse desert environments of central Australia, with a focus on the native animals and plants that inhabit these areas.
  6. Fannie Bay Gaol6

    Fannie Bay Gaol

    Fannie Bay Gaol is a historic prison located in Fannie Bay, Northern Territory, Australia. It functioned as Her Majesty's Gaol and Labour Prison from 20 September 1883 until 1 September 1979. This long history makes it a significant site for understanding Australia's penal history.
  7. 7

    Royal Flying Doctor Service Museum

    Alice Springs
  8. 8

    Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery

    If you are into Australian Indigenous Art, definitely visit this gallery and admire naturalistic and abstract designs painted on canvas.
  9. Pine Creek Railway Precinct9

    Pine Creek Railway Precinct

    Pine Creek
    The Pine Creek railway station, located in the Northern Territory of Australia, is a museum that was once a part of the North Australia Railway. Although it is no longer in use as a railway station, it serves as a historical site where visitors can learn about the railway's past and its significance in the region's development.
  10. Olive Pink Botanic Garden10

    Olive Pink Botanic Garden

    Desert Springs
    The Olive Pink Botanic Garden, located in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia, spans across 16 hectares (40 acres). The garden specializes in plants that are native to the arid central Australian region. This makes it a unique destination for those interested in botany and the specific flora of this part of Australia.
  11. Darwin Aviation Museum11

    Darwin Aviation Museum

    The Darwin Aviation Museum, formerly known as the Australian Aviation Heritage Centre, is a significant location for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs. The museum showcases a variety of aircraft and aircraft engines that have played a crucial role in the Northern Territory and Australian aviation history. Visitors can explore the rich collection and gain insights into the evolution and impact of aviation in the region.
  12. 12

    Lyons Cottage

    The only existing example of colonial bungalow style architecture in Darwin. After the cyclone in 1974, it was turned into a museum.
  13. 13

    Crocodylus Park

    Knuckey Lagoon
    Crocodylus Park is a unique zoo located in the scenic Knuckey Lagoon, Northern Territory, Australia. This location offers visitors a chance to experience the diverse wildlife of Australia in a safe and controlled environment.
  14. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park & Cultural Centre14

    Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park & Cultural Centre

    Alice Springs
  15. 15

    Batchelor Butterfly Farm

  16. Road Transport Hall of Fame & Ghan Museum16

    Road Transport Hall of Fame & Ghan Museum

    Alice Springs
    The National Road Transport Hall of Fame, located in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, is a transport museum that was established in 1995. It is owned and operated by the Road Transport Historical Society. This museum offers a unique insight into Australia's transport history, making it a worthwhile destination for those interested in this aspect of the country's heritage.
  17. 17

    Camels Australia

  18. 18

    Strehlow Research Center

    Alice Springs
    The Strehlow Research Centre, located within the Museum of Central Australia, is a significant cultural hub in Alice Springs. It is situated in the Araluen Cultural Precinct, a vibrant area that is a must-visit for anyone interested in the rich cultural history of Australia's Northern Territory.
  19. 19

    Hermannsburg Historic Precinct

  20. 20

    NT Chinese Museum

    First Chinese labourers came to Darwin in 1874 and the museum's aim is to show the importance of Chinese community and preserve it.

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