The best museums in Canberra in December 2023

These are the top 20 best museums in Canberra, Australia, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Canberra? These are the best ones:

  1. National Museum of Australia1

    National Museum of Australia

    The National Museum of Australia provides a comprehensive overview of the country's history. It traces the history of 50,000 years of Aboriginal presence, the arrival of Europeans since 1788, and key events such as the creation of the Australian federation and the Sydney 2000 Olympics. This makes it a valuable destination for those interested in understanding Australia's past.
  2. Online discount!National Dinosaur Museum2

    National Dinosaur Museum

    The National Dinosaur Museum, located in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, is Australia's largest permanent display of prehistoric specimens. This makes it a significant destination for those interested in prehistoric life and the evolution of dinosaurs.
  3. National Gallery of Australia3

    National Gallery of Australia

    The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) is a significant art museum located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. The museum specializes in 19th and 20th-century paintings and sculptures. It is a great place for art enthusiasts and tourists who are interested in exploring the rich history of Australian and international art.
  4. National Library of Australia4

    National Library of Australia

    The National Library of Australia ( NLA ), formerly the Commonwealth National Library and Commonwealth Parliament Library , is the largest reference library in Australia, responsible under the terms of the National Library Act 1960 for "maintaining and developing a national collection of library mat
  5. National Portrait Gallery5

    National Portrait Gallery

    The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra is a public art gallery that houses portraits of notable Australians. The gallery was established in 1998 and relocated to its current location on King Edward Terrace in December 2008. It offers visitors a chance to explore the faces and stories of Australians who have shaped and continue to shape our nation.
  6. Museum of Australian Democracy Old Parliament House6

    Museum of Australian Democracy Old Parliament House

    Old Parliament House , formerly known as the Provisional Parliament House , was the seat of the Parliament of Australia from 1927 to 1988. The building began operation on 9 May 1927 after Parliament's relocation from Melbourne to the new capital, Canberra . In 1988, the Commonwealth Parliament trans
  7. Royal Australian Mint7

    Royal Australian Mint

    The Royal Australian Mint is located in the federal capital city of Canberra, specifically on Denison Street in the suburb of Deakin. Its location makes it easily accessible for visitors who are touring the capital city.
  8. Canberra Museum and Gallery8

    Canberra Museum and Gallery

    Canberra Museum and Gallery is an art gallery and museum in Canberra , the capital of Australia . It is located on London Circuit, in Civic in the centre of the city. The gallery was opened on 13 February 1998. The museum houses a permanent collection called Reflecting Canberra which opened on 14 Fe
  9. Questacon9


    Questacon, also known as The National Science and Technology Centre, is located in Canberra, Australia. It is an interactive science communication facility that doubles as a museum. The centre boasts over 200 interactive exhibits, all of which are related to science and technology. This makes it a great destination for those interested in these fields, offering a hands-on approach to learning and discovery.
  10. National Film and Sound Archive of Australia - NFSA10

    National Film and Sound Archive of Australia - NFSA

    The National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) in Canberra is a significant cultural institution in Australia. It is responsible for the development, preservation, maintenance, promotion, and access to a wide range of media including film, television, radio, and sound recordings, video games, new media, and related documents and artifacts. This extensive collection spans from works of the late 19th century to the present, offering a comprehensive insight into Australia's audiovisual history.
  11. Australian War Memorial11

    Australian War Memorial

    Located in Canberra, the capital of Australia, the Australian War Memorial houses the history of World War I and World War II. It provides a comprehensive overview of these significant periods in world history, making it a valuable destination for those interested in military history and the global impact of these wars.
  12. National Archives of Australia12

    National Archives of Australia

    The National Archives of Australia, located in Canberra, is a government institution that is tasked with the collection and preservation of government records. This institution also has smaller offices in each state capital and in Darwin. As a visitor, you can explore the rich history of Australia through these records, providing a unique insight into the country's past.
  13. Canberra Railway Museam13

    Canberra Railway Museam

    The Canberra Railway Museum is situated in Kingston, within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It is conveniently located next to the Canberra train station on the Bombala railway line, making it easily accessible for visitors. The museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich history of railways in Australia, with a particular focus on Canberra and the southern districts of New South Wales.
  14. Blundells Cottage14

    Blundells Cottage

    Blundells Cottage is a heritage-listed six-roomed stone cottage located on the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin , in Canberra , Australia . The cottage was built by George P. Campbell in about 1858 for his ploughman William Ginn on the original Molonglo River floodplain. Ginn lived there with h
  15. Tuggeranong Arts Centre15

    Tuggeranong Arts Centre

    The Tuggeranong Arts Centre is a purpose-built facility situated on the shores of Lake Tuggeranong. It is located in the town centre of Tuggeranong, a southern suburb of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. This location offers visitors a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake while exploring the various arts activities the centre has to offer.
  16. Calthorpes House16

    Calthorpes House

    This museum is known as the most complete interwar period house. It is the part of the National Estate. Take a step back into the past!
  17. Lanyon Homestead17

    Lanyon Homestead

    Lanyon Homestead is a historic property situated on the southern outskirts of Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory. This site, which was first occupied following white settlement, has a rich history that dates back to as early as 1829. It has served as a grazing property and has been home to several notable figures over the years.
  18. Museum of Australian Democracy18

    Museum of Australian Democracy

  19. National Capital Exhibition19

    National Capital Exhibition

    Also known as Regatta Point, this exhibition shows people, events, and history of Canberra as the symbol of Federation as the days went by.
  20. 20

    Canberra Walk-in Aviary

    Observe free flying birds, feed them and take amazing photographs. You will get in direct contact with 50 species. Your kids will love it!

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