The best museums in Helsinki in November 2023

These are the top 20 best museums in Helsinki, Finland, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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  1. Fortress of Suomenlinna1

    Fortress of Suomenlinna

    Suomenlinna (Sveaborg) is a fortress built on six islands in front of the port of Helsinki. Suomenlinna is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and about 900 people live on the various islands. In addition to a museum and a library, there is also a naval school.
  2. Seurasaari Open-Air Museum2

    Seurasaari Open-Air Museum

    Seurasaari (Finnish) or Fölisön (Swedish) is an island located in Helsinki. The island is best known as the location of the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum of Finland that was founded in 1909 and where houses and buildings from all over the country are located. Besides the buildings, the island is home t
  3. Ateneum Art Museum3

    Ateneum Art Museum

    The Ateneum is a museum of art in Helsinki that holds the largest collection of 19th-century art in Finland. In the past, the Helsinki art academy was also housed in the building. The collection of the Ateneum includes Finnish art from 18th-century rococo portraiture to the experimental art movement
  4. Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art4

    Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

    The Kiasma is a museum of contemporary art in Helsinki that aims to showcase contemporary art and to strengthen its status. One of Kiasma’s roles is to collect the latest works in contemporary art. There are currently about 8,000 works in the collections, and about 100 new pieces are added every yea
  5. Finnish Museum of Natural History5

    Finnish Museum of Natural History

    The Natural History Museum of Finland (Luonnontieteellinen keskusmuseo, Naturhistoriska centralmuseet) is a research institution and natural history museum of the University of Helsinki. The Finnish Museum of Natural History holds, maintains and exhibits the national collections of plants, fungi and
  6. Helsinki City Museum6

    Helsinki City Museum

    The Helsinki City Museum (Helsingin kaupunginmuseo) is a regional museum in Helsinki that aims to record Helsinki's spiritual, material and architectural heritage. The main location is located in one of the oldest streets of the city between the Senate Square and the market. The museum highlights th
  7. Design Museum7

    Design Museum

    The Design Museum (Design Museum) is a museum dedicated to industrial design, graphic design and fashion in the Finnish capital Helsinki. The museum was founded in 1873, which makes it one of the oldest design museums in the world. The Design Museum in Helsinki holds and exhibits a large collection
  8. National Museum of Finland8

    National Museum of Finland

    The National Museum of Finland (SUomen Kansallismuseo) is a museum in Helsinki on Finnish history from prehistory to the present. Besides this, the museum holds and exhibits a large collection of excavations of the Mesa Verde culture. The building that houses the museum was designed by architects He
  9. Mannerheim Museum9

    Mannerheim Museum

    The Mannerheim Museum (Mannerheim-museo) is a museum in Helsinki that is dedicated to the Finnish president and military leader Carl Gustaf Mannerheim . The museum is located in the former house of Mannerheim and retains much of its original interior. Mannerheim lived in the house from 1924 until hi
  10. Helsinki Zoo10

    Helsinki Zoo

    The Helsinki Zoo (Korkeasaaren eläintarha, Högholmen djurpark) is the largest zoo in Finland. The zoo is located on the island of Korkeasaari, a 22-hectare rocky island, connected to Helsinki. The Helsinki Zoo is home to around 200 animal species, and about a 1000 plant species, all divided geograph
  11. Suomenlinna Museum11

    Suomenlinna Museum

    Suomenlinna is a sea fortress in Helsinki and there are six museums in the fortress. The Suomenlinna Museum is the official museum of the Suomenlinna fortress. The permanent collection consists of various objects found during excavations on the island. The second floor of the museum shows the restor
  12. SEA LIFE Helsinki12

    SEA LIFE Helsinki

    Visitors can enter the fascinating world of sea in SEA LIFE Helsinki. The main attraction in SEA LIFE Helsinki is an underwater tunnel with sharks and a discovery pool.
  13. Sinebrychoff Art Museum13

    Sinebrychoff Art Museum

    The Sinebrychoff art museum (Sinebrychoffin taidemuseo) is a museum in Helsinki. The building that houses the Sinebrychoff Art Museum was built in 1842 by the Russian businessman Nikolai Sinebryukhov and was used in the early years as both a country house as well as part of his Sinebrychoff brewery.
  14. Ehrensvärd Museum14

    Ehrensvärd Museum

    The Ehrensvärd Museum (Ehrensvärd-museo) is a museum in Helsinki that is housed in the commander's house in the courtyard of the Suomenlinna sea fortress and is named after first commander and founder of the Augustin Ehrensvärd fortress. Ehrensvärd was also the first occupant of the house. The museu
  15. Hotel and Restaurant Musem15

    Hotel and Restaurant Musem

    The Hotel and Restaurant Museum (Hotelli- ja ravintolamuseo) is a museum in Helsinki that is devoted to the history of Finnish hotels, restaurants, cafés, tourism and culinary culture, focusing on Finnish food and drink culture. It holds and exhibits a collection of about 20,000 items from restauran
  16. Museum of Finnish Architecture16

    Museum of Finnish Architecture

    The Museum of Finnish Architecture (Suomen arkkitehtuurimuseo) is a museum in Helsinki. Founded in 1956, it is the second oldest museum dedicated to architecture. The collection started with a series of photos of the Finnish Architects Association that was established in 1949. The museum is housed i
  17. Finnish submarine Vesikko17

    Finnish submarine Vesikko

    The Vesikko is a Finnish submarine, currently used as a museum ship, located on the island fort Suomenlinna in Helsinki. The submarine was built between 1931 and 1933, in the Crichton-Vulcan shipyard in Turku and was commissioned by the Reichsmarine through a German company that "hid" under the Dutc
  18. Didrichsen Art Museum18

    Didrichsen Art Museum

    The Didrichsen Museum (Didrichsenin taidemuseo) is an art museum on the island of Kuusisaari in Helsinki that was founded by Marie-Louise and Gunnar Didrichsen. At first, Didrichsen gathered traditional Finnish art, but gradually moved to modernism. The building was built between 1958 and 1967 by Fi
  19. Military Museum of Finland19

    Military Museum of Finland

    The Military Museum of Finland (Sotamuseo) is a war museum in Helsinki. The museum aims to to collect, preserve, research and display artifacts and other heritage related to the development of the Defence Forces of Finland, Finland's military history and to the history of weaponry. It was founded in
  20. Helsinki Art Museum20

    Helsinki Art Museum

    The Helsinki Art Museum ( Helsingin taidemuseo) is a museum housed in the tennis palatsi in the Finnish capital Helsinki. The museum is managed by the municipality of Helsinki and exhibits the art collection of the city, containing over 9,000 works. The Helsinki Art Museum also features a small perm

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