List of museums and attractions included in Belgium


ArchéoPass is a network of archeological institutions. With the pass, visitors can experience the best parts of Wallonian archaeology. You'll receive an ArchéoPass after the payment of a full price ticket at one of the network's members. With this card, a discount between 20% and 50% will be granted.

ArchéoPass in Belgium

ArchéoPass is valid in 27 museums and attractions in Belgium. These museums and attractions are displayed below.

ArchéoPass provinces and regions

Brabant Wallon (1) Brussels (1) Hainaut (4) Liege (8) Luxembourg (5) Province of Namur (7) Walloon Brabant (1)


ArchéoPass in Brabant Wallon

Museums with ArchéoPass Place Valid?
Musée archeologique regional d'Orp-Le-Grand Orp-le-Grand Valid

ArchéoPass in Brussels

Museums with ArchéoPass Place Valid?
Coudenberg Palace Brussels Valid

ArchéoPass in Hainaut

Museums with ArchéoPass Place Valid?
Espace Gallo-Romain Ath Ath Valid
Archeosite and Museum in Aubechies Aubechies Valid
Museum of Liberchies Liberchies Valid
Royal Museum of Mariemont Morlanwelz Valid

ArchéoPass in Liege

Museums with ArchéoPass Place Valid?
Préhistomuseum Ivoz-Ramet Valid
Musée Le Grand Curtius Liège Valid
Archeoforum of Liege Liège Valid
Pottery Museum Raeren Raeren Valid
Museum of the Stavelot-Malmedy Principality Stavelot Valid
Musée et Château Fort de Logne Vieuxville Valid
Musée d'archéologie et d'histoire de Visé Vise Valid
Castle of Moha Wanze Valid

ArchéoPass in Luxembourg

Museums with ArchéoPass Place Valid?
Musée archéologique d'Arlon Arlon Valid
Musée des Celtes Libramont-Chevigny Valid
Musée de la Famenne Marche-en-Famenne Valid
Musée Gaumais Virton Valid
Maison des Mégalithes de Wéris Wéris Valid

ArchéoPass in Province of Namur

Museums with ArchéoPass Place Valid?
Musée de la ceramique d'Andenne Andenne Valid
Archaeological Centre - Scladina Cave Sclayn Valid
Maison du patrimoine médiéval mosan Bouvignes-sur-Meuse Valid
Parc archéologique de Furfooz Furfooz Valid
Espace de l'Homme de Spy Onoz Valid
Archéoparc Malagne la Gallo-Romaine Rochefort Valid
Malgré-Tout Museum Treignes Valid

ArchéoPass in Walloon Brabant

Museums with ArchéoPass Place Valid?
Abbaye cistercienne de Villers-la-Ville Villers-la-Ville Valid