All art museums and attractions to visit in Vancouver

Vancouver (British Columbia) has a lot to offer for art lovers. Below we list all 5 art museums that are located in Vancouver.

Do you like art and are you looking for the best art museums to visit in Vancouver? These are the ones:

  1. Vancouver Art Gallery1

    Vancouver Art Gallery

    The Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) holds the distinction of being the fifth largest art museum in Canada and the largest in the western part of the country. This makes it a significant cultural institution in the region, offering a wide range of art exhibits and collections for visitors to explore.
  2. Contemporary Art Gallery2

    Contemporary Art Gallery

    The Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG) is a non-profit public art gallery situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It is dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary art and features works from local, national, and international artists. The gallery is known for its focus on emerging local artists, contributing to the Canadian contemporary art scene.
  3. Roedde House Museum3

    Roedde House Museum

    The Roedde House Museum, located at 1415 Barclay Street in Vancouver, Canada, is a late-Victorian home that was built in 1893. The house was designed in the Queen Anne Revival style, which is characterized by its asymmetrical plans, verandas, and turret. The house was the home of Gustav Roedde and his family, who were prominent figures in Vancouver's history.
  4. 4

    Rennie Museum

  5. 5

    Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

    A striking gallery exhibiting various pieces of Bill Reid, famous Haida artist. There are also exhibits of other Haida artists.

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