All science & technology museums and attractions to visit in Reno

Reno (Nevada) has some interesting places to visit if you are interested in science and technology. Below we list all 4 museums and attractions related to science and technology in Reno for you to visit.

Are you into science and technology and are you looking for the best science museums to visit in Reno? These are the ones:

  1. National Automobile Museum1

    National Automobile Museum

    Reno, NV
    The National Automobile Museum, situated in Reno, Nevada, is a significant destination for automobile enthusiasts. The museum, which opened its doors to the public on November 5, 1989, houses a vast collection of historic vehicles, making it a fascinating place to explore the evolution of the automobile industry.
  2. Fleischmann Planetarium2

    Fleischmann Planetarium

    Reno, NV
    The Fleischmann Atmospherium Planetarium holds the distinction of being the first planetarium in the United States to feature a 360-degree projector. This projector is capable of providing horizon-to-horizon images and can show an entire day's weather in a few minutes through time-lapse photography. This unique feature enhances the visitor's experience, making their visit more interactive and educational.
  3. Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum3

    Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum

    Reno, NV
    The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, often referred to as The Discovery, is a science center and museum situated in Reno, Nevada. This private non-profit institution was established in 2011 and caters to both children and adults. It is a place where science, technology, engineering, art, and math are brought to life through permanent and special exhibits spread across its 67,000 square foot space.
  4. W. M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum4

    W. M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum

    Reno, NV
    The W. M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum is situated within the Mackay School of Mines building. This location adds a layer of historical significance to the museum, as it is housed in a building that has been a part of the university's history since 1908.

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