The best museums in Phoenix in December 2023

These are the top 20 best museums in Phoenix, United States, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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  1. Online discount!Musical Instrument Museum1

    Musical Instrument Museum

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Musical Instrument Museum, also known as MIM, is situated in Phoenix, Arizona. It was officially opened to the public in April 2010. This museum is a great destination for music lovers and those interested in learning about different cultures through their musical instruments.
  2. Phoenix Zoo2

    Phoenix Zoo

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Phoenix Zoo, situated in Phoenix, Arizona, is a recognized member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). These memberships reflect the zoo's commitment to high standards of animal care, conservation, and education.
  3. Phoenix Art Museum3

    Phoenix Art Museum

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Phoenix Art Museum, situated in Phoenix, Arizona, is the largest museum for visual art in the southwest United States. It spans an impressive 285,000 square feet, making it a significant cultural landmark in the region.
  4. Mystery Castle4

    Mystery Castle

    Phoenix, AZ
    Mystery Castle is a unique fortification situated near the South Mountain Park in Phoenix, United States. This distinctive structure was built in the 1930s and offers a unique glimpse into the past. Its location near the park provides a scenic backdrop, making it an interesting destination for tourists looking for something different to explore.
  5. Hall of Flame Fire Museum5

    Hall of Flame Fire Museum

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting, officially known as the National Historical Fire Foundation, is a unique institution dedicated to the historical preservation of firefighting equipment from around the globe. This museum provides a comprehensive look into the evolution of firefighting equipment and techniques, making it a fascinating destination for those interested in history, firefighting, or simply looking for a unique museum experience.
  6. Arizona State Capitol6

    Arizona State Capitol

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Arizona State Capitol, located in Phoenix, Arizona, has a rich history as it once housed the territory and state legislature, along with various executive offices. Today, these offices have been relocated to surrounding buildings, and the building itself has been transformed into the Arizona Capitol Museum. This transition allows visitors to delve into the history of Arizona in a unique and immersive way.
  7. Arizona Science Center7

    Arizona Science Center

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Arizona Science Center is situated at 600 Washington St in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. It is nestled within the Heritage and Science Park, making it easily accessible for visitors. The location is central and convenient, offering a variety of nearby attractions and amenities for tourists.
  8. Heard Museum8

    Heard Museum

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Heard Museum, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is a private, non-profit institution committed to promoting American Indian art. The museum presents the narratives of American Indian people from a first-person perspective and showcases both traditional and contemporary art by American Indian artists and those influenced by American Indian art.
  9. The Rosson House9

    The Rosson House

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Rosson House, situated at 113 North 6th Street at the corner of Monroe Street in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, is a historic house museum. This location offers visitors a glimpse into the past, showcasing the architectural style and history of the late 19th century. The house was built between 1894 and 1895 and is a prime example of the Stick Eastlake Queen Anne Style of Victorian architecture.
  10. Pueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park10

    Pueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Pueblo Grande Ruin and Irrigation Sites are significant pre-Columbian archaeological sites located in Phoenix, Arizona. These sites feature a prehistoric platform mound and ancient irrigation canals, offering a glimpse into the lives of the people who once inhabited the region. Visitors can explore these historical structures and learn about the advanced irrigation systems that were developed by the Hohokam, the ancestral Native Americans who lived in the area.
  11. Phoenix Police Museum11

    Phoenix Police Museum

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Phoenix Police Museum is situated on the 1st floor of the Historic Phoenix City Hall, at the intersection of 2nd Ave and Jefferson Street. This location is easily accessible and central, making it a convenient stop for tourists exploring the city.
  12. Shermer Art Center12

    Shermer Art Center

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Shemer Art Center and Museum, located in Phoenix, Arizona, serves as both an art education facility and a gallery. This unique combination allows visitors to not only appreciate the art on display but also learn about the techniques and history behind it.
  13. Burton Barr Central Library13

    Burton Barr Central Library

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Burton Barr Central Library serves as the central library of Phoenix, Arizona. It is also the administrative headquarters for the Phoenix Public Library. This library is named after Burton Barr, a prominent figure in Arizona's political history. As the flagship location for the Phoenix Public Library, it plays a significant role in the city's cultural and educational landscape.
  14. Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix14

    Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix

    Phoenix, AZ
  15. Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum15

    Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Pioneer Living History Museum, also known as Pioneer Village, is situated at 3901 W. Pioneer Road in Phoenix, Arizona. This location is easily accessible and offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the history of the region.
  16. David and Gladys Wright House16

    David and Gladys Wright House

    Phoenix, AZ
  17. Children's Museum of Phoenix17

    Children's Museum of Phoenix

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Children's Museum of Phoenix is housed in the historic Monroe School, located at 215 North 7th Street in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. This building, which was designed by Norman Foote Marsh in the Neoclassical or Classical Revival style, served as an elementary school and then a high school from 1914 to 1972. Since 2008, it has been the home of the Children's Museum of Phoenix, providing a unique and historic setting for the museum's exhibits and activities.
  18. Alwun House18

    Alwun House

    Phoenix, AZ
    Art museum and historic home that is worth seeing! Unique and refreshing place set in an old Victorian house.
  19. Cutler Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center19

    Cutler Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center

    Phoenix, AZ
    The Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center, formerly known as Temple Beth Israel, holds a significant place in the history of Phoenix, Arizona as it was the first permanent Jewish congregation in the area. This historical significance adds a layer of depth to the visitor experience, providing a glimpse into the early Jewish community in Phoenix.
  20. Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum20

    Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum

    Phoenix, AZ

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