The best museums in Nijmegen in December 2023

These are the top 10 best museums in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Nijmegen? These are the best ones:

  1. Online discount!MUZIEUM1


    What is it like to be blind or partially sighted? You can read about it or someone can tell you about it from their own experience, but during a visit to MUZIEUM (MUSEEUM) you will experience it yourself. Enter a world in which your other senses - hearing, smell, touch and taste - suddenly play a fa
  2. Van Lymborch Brothers House2

    Van Lymborch Brothers House

    This little museum is dedicated to the famous Van Lymborch Brothers who used to have their studio here around the year 1400. The Van Lymborch Brothers were famous dutch medieval miniature painters. They were the painters of the Trés Riches Heures du duc de Berry, one of the most precious books of ho
  3. Valkhof Museum3

    Valkhof Museum

    What over the centuries has made us who we are? With a collection stretching back more than 14,000 years, we can provide part of an answer to that question, and when we do not know the answer, there are always still the interpretations that you can find in the earlier, modern and contemporary art fr
  4. Nationaal Fietsmuseum Velorama4

    Nationaal Fietsmuseum Velorama

    The National Bicycle Museum Velorama displays a collection of special bikes including original balance bikes (‘draisines’), high ‘bi’s’ and velocipedes. Among others, the museum owns the engagement tandem bicycle of Queen Juliana, the bike that Dutch cyclist Wim van Est was using while he fell in th
  5. De Bastei5

    De Bastei

    The Bastei tells the story of the river. Dive into the museum and go on a journey through past, present and future. Here, on the river Waal and in the oldest city in the Netherlands, you will touch the past and discover the flora and fauna of the Gelderland river area. Fun and educational for big an
  6. Grootmoeders Keukenmuseum6

    Grootmoeders Keukenmuseum

    Grandmother's Kitchen Museum is a small museum in the Kruittoren at Kronenburg Park. It showcases a collection of old kitchen utensils and has a grocery store.
  7. Huis van de Nijmeegse geschiedenis7

    Huis van de Nijmeegse geschiedenis

    The House of Nijmegen History is the starting point for everyone who wants to know more about the history of the oldest city in the Netherlands. Everyone is welcome in the House of Nijmegen History. We take you into the history of the city and region. In fact, the House organizes exhibitions, lectu
  8. Museum voor Anatomie en Pathologie8

    Museum voor Anatomie en Pathologie

    The Museum voor Anatomie en Pathologie is situated in the study centre of the Radboudumc. Both the Department of Anatomy and the department of Pathology are accessible to visitors. The collection of the museum includes embryos, fetuses and various parts of the human body (preparations).
  9. Van 't Lindenhoutmuseum9

    Van 't Lindenhoutmuseum

    The Van 't Lindenhoutmuseum is currently temporarily closed. The museum will reopen after the summer of 2024. File requests for the archive will remain possible during the renovation. The museum remains reachable by e-mail ( and telephone (06 30 84 82 38). Van 't Linde
  10. 10


    The Valkhof bunker is the only machine gun bunker remaining of the three bunkers built by the Germans in the Valkhof in 1943. The bunkers had to defend the Waal Bridge and the surrounding area against the advance of the Allies during the war. Visitors can now read, hear and experience what Germans,

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