All nature & natural history museums and attractions to visit in Melbourne

Melbourne (Victoria) has a lot to offer for people that like animals, plants and anything else related to nature and its history. Below we list all 6 nature and natural history museums that are located in Melbourne.

Is nature and the natural world something that interests you and are you looking for the best nature museums to visit in Melbourne? These are the ones:

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria1

    Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

    The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is a significant botanical institution that spans across two locations - Melbourne and Cranbourne. The Melbourne Gardens, founded in 1846, sprawls across 38 hectares of land, showcasing nearly 50,000 individual plants from 8,500 different species. On the other hand, the Cranbourne Gardens, established in 1970, is a 363-hectare site dedicated to Australian plants, featuring native bushland, heathlands, wetlands, and woodlands.
  2. Online discount!Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium2

    Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

    Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is a Southern Ocean and Antarctic aquarium in central Melbourne , Australia . It is located on the banks of the Yarra River beside and under the Flinders Street Viaduct and the King Street Bridge . The attraction is a Sea Life Centre owned by Merlin Entertainments .
  3. Melbourne Zoo3

    Melbourne Zoo

    In the 1980s, Melbourne Zoo pioneered the concept of 'bioclimatic zones'. This innovative approach involves grouping animals that share a common habitat in the wild together in captivity. This not only enhances the wellbeing of the animals but also provides visitors with a more authentic and educational experience.
  4. Melbourne Museum4

    Melbourne Museum

    The Melbourne Museum, the largest museum in the southern hemisphere, is situated in the Carlton Gardens, a public park in Melbourne. It shares this location with the Royal Exhibition Building, a structure that is over a century old. This location provides a unique blend of natural beauty and historical architecture, making it an interesting place to visit.
  5. 5

    Healesville Sanctuary

  6. 6

    George Pentland Botanical Gardens


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