All history museums and attractions to visit in Knoxville

Knoxville (Tennessee) is a good place to visit if you are interested in history. Below we list all 6 history museums in Knoxville, to lose yourself in the place's cultural heritage and local history.

Are you a real history buff and are you looking for the best history museums to visit in Knoxville? These are the ones:

  1. Blount Mansion1

    Blount Mansion

    Knoxville, TN
    The Blount Mansion, also known as William Blount Mansion, is situated at 200 West Hill Avenue in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. This historic house was the residence of William Blount, the only territorial governor of the Southwest Territory. As a significant figure in American history, Blount's home offers a unique insight into the life and times of the late 18th century.
  2. Mabry-hazen House2

    Mabry-hazen House

    Knoxville, TN
    The Mabry–Hazen House, also known as the Evelyn Hazen House or the Joseph Alexander Mabry Jr. House, is a historic home located on an 8-acre site at 1711 Dandridge Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee. The house is situated at the crest of Mabry's Hill, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Constructed in 1858 for Joseph Alexander Mabry II, the house was originally named Pine Hill Cottage and was located in what was then the separate town of East Knoxville.
  3. East Tennessee History Center3

    East Tennessee History Center

    Knoxville, TN
    The East Tennessee Historical Society (ETHS) is a non-profit organization located in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is dedicated to the study of East Tennessee history, the preservation of historically significant artifacts, and educating the citizens of Tennessee. The society operates a museum and museum shop in the East Tennessee History Center on Gay Street in downtown Knoxville. The society was established in 1834, 38 years after the establishment of the state of Tennessee, to record the history of the development and settlement of the area.
  4. McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture4

    McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture

    Knoxville, TN
    The McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture is situated on the campus of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. This location makes it easily accessible for visitors, as it is nestled within the vibrant university environment. The museum offers a unique blend of natural history and culture, providing a comprehensive view of the world's history and diverse cultures.
  5. Historic Ramsey House5

    Historic Ramsey House

    Knoxville, TN
    The Ramsey House, also known as Swan Pond, is a significant historical site in Knox County, Tennessee. Constructed in 1797 by English architect Thomas Hope, the house was built for Colonel Francis Alexander Ramsey. The two-story stone house stands as a testament to the architectural style of the late 18th century and offers a glimpse into the life of one of Tennessee's early settlers.
  6. 6

    Beck Cultural Exchange Center

    Knoxville, TN

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