The best museums in Bucharest in 2022

These are the top 20 best museums in Bucharest, Romania, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2022. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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These are the best museums in Bucharest:

  1. Village Museum (Muzeul Satului)1

    Village Museum (Muzeul Satului)

  2. Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History2

    Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History

    The Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History is a Natural History museum in Bucharest that holds and displays various collections displayed to natual history. Collections include Geological Collections, Paleontology Collections, Anatomy Collections, Ethnographic and Anthropological Collecti
  3. National Cotroceni Museum3

    National Cotroceni Museum

    The Cotroceni Palace is a palace in Bucharest that is the official residence of the President of Romania and houses the National Cotroceni Museum. The museum is specifically housed in the old wing of the palace. The museum houses features various function rooms, most of them decorated to the whims o
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  5. 4

    Ceauşescu Mansion

    Palatul Primaverii, also called The Ceauşescu Mansion was built in the mid-1960s and was called Palatul Primaverii (The Spring Palace) at that time. The house was the private residence of the Ceauşescu family from 1965 until 1989, including Nicolae (the Romanian communist politician), his wife Elena
  6. National Museum of Art of Romania5

    National Museum of Art of Romania

    The National Museum of Art of Romania is an art museum in Bucharest that is housed in the Royal Palace in Revolution Square. The museum holds collections of medieval and modern Romanian art and international art pieces collected by the royal family of Romania. The museum is divided into 3 galleries,
  7. Romanian Peasant Museum6

    Romanian Peasant Museum

    The Romanian Peasant Museum (National Museum of the Romanian Peasant) is a museum devoted to peasant life, housed in a in a Neo-Romanian style historical building.The museum holds the richest collection of peasant objects in Romania, with around 90.000 pieces on the subject. The Romanian Peasant Mus
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  9. The Art Collections Museum7

    The Art Collections Museum

    The Art Collections Museum is housed in the Romanit Palace and is part of the National Museum of Art of Romania. The museum holds 44 collections donated by various Romanian families. The collection includes pieces from Asia and the Middle East, and several pieces by Western European artists, with mo
  10. National Military Museum8

    National Military Museum

    The National Military Museum is a museum in Bucharest that was established in 1923 and is devoted to the history of the Romanian people from a military perspective. The museum holds a collection with over 1,300,000 pieces, containing items such as military uniforms, weapons/firearms, flags and medal
  11. George Enescu Museum9

    George Enescu Museum

    The George Enescu Museum is a museum in Bucharest dedicated to the work of George Enescu, a Romanian composer, violinist, pianist, conductor, and teacher. The National Museum “George Enescu” is housed in the Cantacuzino Palace, with an Art Nouveau style entrance. The collection of the museum is laid
  12. Museum of Senses Bucharest10

    Museum of Senses Bucharest

    The MUSEUM of SENSES is home to an experience that will awaken your senses and inspire you to discover more and, therefore, to feel more. Live an unimaginable experience in a world of sensations and mind-blowing optical illusions and test your senses at an extraordinary museum. A place as fun as it
  13. The K. H. Zambaccian Museum11

    The K. H. Zambaccian Museum

    The K. H. Zambaccian Museum in Bucharest is housed in a restored villa that houses a collection of objects put together by art collector and critic Krikor H. Zambaccian (1889-1962). The collection includes paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and furniture. It gives an overview of modern Romanian
  14. National Museum of Romanian History12

    National Museum of Romanian History

    The National Museum of Romanian History is a history museum in Bucharest, housed in the former Postal Services Palace. The museum displays historical artifacts from Romania, from prehistoric times up to modern times. The museum consists of around 60 exhibition rooms. Highlights in its collections in
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  16. The Theodor Aman Museum13

    The Theodor Aman Museum

    The Theodor Aman Museum is a museum in Bucharest that is housed in a private residences built in 1868, dedicated to Romanian painter, engraver and art professor of Macedo-Romanian ancestry Theodor Aman. The architectural plans of the house, the exterior decorations, the interior design with mural pa
  17. Museum of the National Bank of Romania14

    Museum of the National Bank of Romania

    The Museum of the National Bank of Romania devoted to monetary, banking and cultural history in Romania. The museum mainly illustrates the history of Romanian currency from its beginnings to present times and includes one of the most valuable numismatic collections in the country that spans two and
  18. Tudor Arghezi Memorial House15

    Tudor Arghezi Memorial House

  19. National Museum of Romanian Aviation16

    National Museum of Romanian Aviation

  20. Museum of the History of the Romanian Jewish Community17

    Museum of the History of the Romanian Jewish Community

    The Museum of the History of the Romanian Jewish Community in Bucharest is a history museum dedicated to the history of the Jews in Romania. The displays include a collection of books related to Romanian Jews, an archive of the history of Romanian Jewry, paintings of and by Romanian Jews, memorabili
  21. National Museum of Old Maps and Books18

    National Museum of Old Maps and Books

    The National Museum of Old Maps and Books is housed in a villa built in the 1920's. The main collection of the museum was donated by the family of Professor Adrian Năstased and is enriched with other donations of graphic works and maps. The collections consists of more than 1000 works from the 16th
  22. Romanian Railway Museum19

    Romanian Railway Museum

    The Romanian Railway Museum in Bucharest is a museum dedicated to the railway in Romania that is located next to the Bucharest North station. An important piece of the museum is a large computer controlled diorama of a working railway. Furthermore, the museum holds collections of models of rolling s
  23. Foișorul de Foc20

    Foișorul de Foc


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