All nature & natural history museums and attractions to visit in Baltimore

Baltimore (Maryland) has a lot to offer for people that like animals, plants and anything else related to nature and its history. Below we list all 4 nature and natural history museums that are located in Baltimore.

Is nature and the natural world something that interests you and are you looking for the best nature museums to visit in Baltimore? These are the ones:

  1. National Aquarium1

    National Aquarium

    Baltimore, MD
    The National Aquarium in Baltimore is a popular destination, attracting 1.6 million visitors each year. It houses an impressive collection of 10,500 specimens from 560 different species. This diversity of marine life offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about and appreciate the world's oceans and their inhabitants. From colorful tropical fish to majestic sharks, the aquarium provides a fascinating glimpse into the underwater world.
  2. The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore2

    The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore

    Baltimore, MD
    The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, previously known as the Baltimore Zoo until 2004, is a zoological garden located in the city of Baltimore, in the state of Maryland, USA. This zoo is a significant part of the city's attractions, offering visitors a chance to engage with a variety of animal species in a well-maintained environment.
  3. Maryland Science Center3

    Maryland Science Center

    Baltimore, MD
    The Maryland Science Center, situated in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, was established in 1976. This was part of a larger initiative to revitalize downtown Baltimore. The center has since grown to become a significant part of the city's cultural and educational landscape, offering a variety of exhibits and programs to engage visitors of all ages.
  4. 4

    Wurtzburger Sculpture Garden

    Baltimore, MD
    This place is a part of the Baltimore Museum of Art and offers a nice outdoor exhibit of various sculptures and other objects.

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