All art museums and attractions to visit in Alabama

Alabama (United States) has a lot to offer for art lovers. Below we list all 6 art museums that are located in Alabama.

Do you like art and are you looking for the best art museums to visit in Alabama? These are the ones:

  1. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts1

    Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

    Montgomery, AL
    The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, situated in Montgomery, Alabama, USA, is a renowned institution that houses a variety of art collections. The museum's collections span across different periods and styles, offering visitors a comprehensive view of the evolution of art. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a casual visitor, the museum provides an enriching experience with its diverse exhibits.
  2. Rosenbaum House2

    Rosenbaum House

    Florence, AL
    The Rosenbaum House, located in Florence, Alabama, is a unique single-family house designed by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It was built specifically for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum, making it a significant piece of architectural history. This house stands as a testament to Wright's innovative design principles and his ability to create functional, beautiful spaces that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings.
  3. Birmingham Museum of Art3

    Birmingham Museum of Art

    Birmingham, AL
    The Birmingham Museum of Art is a renowned art museum situated in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama. Established in 1951, the museum has since become a significant cultural landmark in the city, offering visitors a chance to explore a diverse range of art from various cultures and periods.
  4. Mobile Museum of Art4

    Mobile Museum of Art

    Mobile, AL
    The Mobile Museum of Art (MMofA), situated in Mobile, Alabama, is renowned for its extensive art collections that span across the United States, Europe, and non-western art. This diversity in collections offers visitors a broad perspective on global art.
  5. Huntsville Museum of Art5

    Huntsville Museum of Art

    Huntsville, AL
    The Huntsville Museum of Art boasts a diverse collection of 2300 works. The majority of these pieces are from American and regional artists, reflecting the museum's focus on local and national art. Additionally, the museum houses artworks from Asia, Africa, and Europe, showcasing the global influences on American art.
  6. 6

    Paul R. Jones Museum

    Tuscaloosa, AL

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