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San Francisco Museum

The Museo San Francisco Cultural Center is a significant cultural institution situated in the city of La Paz, Bolivia. Its establishment was driven by the need to preserve and conserve the arts, as well as memories associated with the city's events and historic moments. The museum's existence is closely tied to the history of the city, making it a rich source of cultural and historical knowledge for visitors.

Historical Connection of the Museum and the City

The museum is housed in an old Franciscan convent, which was founded in 1549, just a year after the city of La Paz was established. This historical connection between the city and the convent adds a layer of historical depth to the museum, offering visitors a glimpse into the early days of La Paz.

Art Collection at the Museum

The museum's main art collection consists of religious paintings from indigenous people, which are refined examples of the so-called baroque mestizo style. These artworks provide a unique insight into the cultural and artistic expressions of the indigenous people, making the museum a valuable destination for art enthusiasts and cultural explorers.

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ESMuseo San Francisco Cultural Center
ESCentro Cultural Museo San Francisco
ESCentro Cultural Museo San Francisco - La Paz, Bolivia

San Francisco Museum
Plaza Mayor de San Francisco, N° 501

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16:00 – 18:00
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16:00 – 18:00
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Plaza Mayor de San Francisco, N° 501, La Paz

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