Saamaka Marron Museum and its collection

The Saamaka Marron Museum is an art and cultural history museum that provides insight into the Saamaka (Saramaccans) culture. It is located in the village of Pikin Slee on the Upper Suriname River. The museum offers a unique opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the Saramaccans, a Maroon people who fled from plantations during the slavery period and settled along the Upper Suriname and Saramacca rivers.

Unique Heritage at the Museum

The Saamaka Marron Museum houses a unique collection of heritage items that have been collected over the years from villages along the river. Visitors can see a variety of wood carvings that are also used to decorate the facades of Saramaccan houses. This provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the artistic skills and cultural expressions of the Saramaccan people.

Workshops and Museum Shop

The Saamaka Marron Museum also plays an educational role by offering workshops and courses about Saramaccan art and culture to both children and adults. In addition, the museum shop sells local products, including hardwood furniture that can be shipped to the Netherlands upon request. This provides an opportunity for visitors to take a piece of Saramaccan culture home with them.

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Saamaka Marron Museum
Village Pikin Slee

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Monday Closed
10:00 – 15:00
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Village Pikin Slee, Totness

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