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Miami Seaquarium and its collection

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is a museum in Miami in United States.

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Miami Seaquarium
4400 Rickenbacker Causeway
FL 33149 Miami

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Opening hours

10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00

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Location & Map

4400 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami

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Miami Seaquarium Reviews

Miami Seaquarium has 23 ratings.

  • J
    J • 22 Nov 2023

    Negative stars if possible... 1 star is too much...

    Free Romeo! This manatee has spent 67 years in solitude!!! Horrifying!!! Places like this are terrible and inhumane. Stop supporting these animal prisons!

    More than 115 dolphins and whales have died under the venue's care since opening in 1955, April 2019: Echo, a bottlenose dolphin, was found dead after suffering acute neck trauma following a dolphin attack.

    Lolita the Orca began exhibiting “serious signs of discomfort” over the past several days, according to an Instagram post from the Miami Seaquarium. After being treated “immediately and aggressively” by a medical team, she died from “what is believed to be a renal condition” the aquarium said.

    If you support or visit this place, you are part of the problem!!! Shut this sh*thole down and free these animals. The owner should be prosecuted for animal neglect and animal abuse!!

  • A
    amina • 19 Nov 2023

    Shame on you for holding animals like that. Fuck did that poor manatee do to deserve living in a tiny swimming pool? . Lets lock you in a room for the rest of your life and see how you like it. Fuck this establishment in particular and everyone who partakes in abusing these creatures entrusted to their care.

    Visited on 16 Nov 2023

  • X
    Xaev • 16 Nov 2023

    I would give this a 0 stars if I could or even, negative star! They’re abusing the animals over there! They’re keeping a 67 years old manatee all alone since 1975. This is animal cruelty, these people are worst than animals. Nobody should deserve to be all alone coop in a moldy tank for all these years. These people are sick! #FreeRomeo

    Visited on 16 Nov 2023

  • M
    Mariana • 15 Nov 2023

    This place deserves ZERO stars! They have a 67 year old manatee in an abandoned deteriorating concrete tank all alone😔!!! This is INHUMAN AND ANIMAL ABUSE!!! FREE ROMEO!!! DO NOT SUPPORT THESE AWFUL PEOPLE!!! Free Lolita the lonely dolphin as well😔 💔 ugh I wish they would be shut down this is awful.

  • M
    Maegan • 15 Nov 2023

    Saw how they treat their animals so disgusted by how dirty and how they keep their sea creatures its unacceptable to do this to humans so why do you think this is ok they living and breathing and don't deserve this!!!

  • C
    Chloe • 15 Nov 2023

    Wish I could give this place zero stars. They’ve held a manatee named Romeo captive in a deteriorating pool since 1967. He is alone and is suffering. Do not support this place, it’s disgusting!

  • N
    Natalie • 25 Sept 2023

    LI'I NEEDS TO BE SET FREE. This is disgusting!

  • K
    Kaitlynn • 24 Sept 2023

    SAVE LI’I !!!!! SAVE LI’I !!!!!! DOLPHINS ARE SOCIAL ANIMALS THEY NEED COMPANIONSHIP AND NOT TO BE IN A DISGUSTING CONDEMNED TANK ALL ALONE DYING IN ITS FILTH ALL ALONE !!!!! SAVE LI’I !!!! and rest in piece Lolita we all think of you and the justice you deserve ❤️🙏🏻

  • K
    Kylie • 16 Sept 2023

    This place does not care gor its animals. Look at the poor dolphin that's all alone in the tank that used to house the killer whale. Do better

  • E
    Erin • 14 Sept 2023

    I have never been so disgusted in my life at the conditions you keep these animals in!! The dolphin that is still being kept in the whale tank all alone and in those horrible conditions!! You already killed Lolita! Your facility needs to be shut down and every investor, CEO, president, vice-president, employee and whomever else needs to be charged with animal cruelty!! There's a special place for every single one of you!

  • M
    Megan • 2 Sept 2023

    Doesn’t deserve any stars Lolita’s death is on them. Poor dolphin is still held in that same tank Lolita died in. They are still open this should be illegal why isn’t anyone doing anything about this? Something needs to be done. Li’i, is still there alone swimming alone water still dirty and not taken care of please release this dolphin! This is a shame.

  • L
    Lindsay • 31 Aug 2023

    They abuse ALL their animals!! Don’t understand how place isn’t shut down!! I wish karma on all employees who don’t stick up for these helpless animals!!!

  • J
    Jaimee • 20 Jul 2023

    Free Lolita from their abusive grips. If they have no problem treating her horribly, then imagine how they treat the other animals!!!!!

  • T
    Tabby • 8 Jul 2023

    Please look into this place more before supporting them in any way. They need to be held accountable for their treatment of the helpless beings who depend on them. ***Shame on any employee who knows of the awful and inexcusable treatment of Lolita the Orca. PLEASE FREE LOLITA! 🙏 My heart breaks for her!!

    Visited on 1 Jul 2023

  • M
    Maureen • 1 Jul 2023

    They need to release Lolita from their abusive grips. If they have no problem treating her horribly, then imagine how they treat the other animals behind closed doors. DO NOT SUPPORT THEM‼️‼️

  • K
    kat • 29 Jun 2023

    Horrible and should be out of business. They have a captive orca that has been living in deplorable conditions for over 50 years. Miami Seaquarium, do the right thing and donate the money that people still unfortunately give to your tragic business to help expedite Lolita’s release and give the rest of her life at least some quality. Have a heart. Instead of shutting off google reviews and censoring comments to try to save face, take a moment and think about how suffocated Lolita is and put at in least some attempt to change more quickly?

    If you’re traveling and thinking about buying a ticket, use your money to travel somewhere where you can see them a lot more beautifully and authentically in the wild, where they belong.

    Visited on 29 Jun 2023

  • K
    Katelyn • 29 Jun 2023

    I was tremendously disappointed and appalled by my recent visit to Miami Seaquarium. As an animal lover and avid supporter of ethical treatment, what I witnessed at this establishment was both deeply disturbing and disheartening. It is my duty to share my experience and implore others to reconsider supporting such an institution.

    Upon arriving at the aquarium, it quickly became evident that the welfare of the animals took a backseat to profit and entertainment. The enclosures were cramped and inadequate for the wide array of species held within them. Many of the tanks appeared dirty, with cloudy water and visibly stressed marine life struggling to navigate their confined spaces.

    The most distressing aspect was observing the treatment of the animals by the staff. It was evident that proper care, nutrition, and medical attention were lacking. I witnessed neglected animals with visible signs of health issues, such as wounds, lesions, and molted feathers. On top of this, the staff seemed indifferent and unaffected by the suffering of the animals, showing a complete lack of empathy and compassion.

    Furthermore, educational and conservation efforts were almost non-existent. Instead of promoting awareness and fostering appreciation for marine life, it seemed as if the main purpose of this aquarium was solely to entertain visitors. The lack of educational signage, knowledgeable staff members, or interactive experiences that focused on conservation efforts was truly disheartening.

    As a concerned individual, it is our collective responsibility to advocate for the welfare of animals and to stand against establishments that perpetuate cruelty. It is time for Miami Seaquarium to face the consequences of their actions by being held accountable for their unethical treatment of marine life.

    I urge anyone considering a visit to reconsider. There are numerous other aquariums that follow strict ethical guidelines and focus on conservation efforts, ensuring the well-being and preservation of marine life. Let us collectively support establishments that prioritize animal welfare and promote a better future for our oceans.

    It is my sincere hope that by sharing this review, we can encourage changes within this institution or ultimately, see its closure if improvements cannot be made. Our voice and actions can make a difference in the lives of these helpless creatures.

    Note: If you suspect animal mistreatment or unethical practices at any establishment, it is vital to report your concerns to the appropriate authorities or animal welfare organizations.

    Visited on 26 Jun 2023

  • O
    Oliver • 28 Jun 2023

    Animals, particularly the Orca, are kept in deplorable conditions. This creates an overall depressing atmosphere, so I would highly recommend you spend your money somewhere else where it will actually go towards caring for the animals.

  • A
    Alicia • 28 Jun 2023

    Free Lolita now!!!! Do not support this aquarium that abuses animals!

  • S
    Shawty • 27 Jun 2023

    if i could leave 0 i would. they are abusing animals and lying. they have an orca, lolita, ( a social creature) alone in a deteriorating tank and they have had her alone for the past 43 years. imagine that was you or a loved one trapped in a 8x8 room alone for 43 years after watching your loved one die ( they spent 10 years together at the start of her captivity 53 years ago)

  • P
    Presley • 27 Jun 2023

    If I could give zero stars I would. Several exhibits closed, tanks are disgusting, animals are not cared for and it is evident. And look, I’m not one of those “Don’t go to sea world free all the dolphins” type of people, but this place is beyond inhumane. This place makes my stomach churn. Only come here if you are educating your children on animal abuse.

    Visited on 27 Jun 2023

  • M
    Melisa • 6 Apr 2023

    This rating does not include a review.

    Visited on 6 Apr 2023

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