The daily opening times of Casa Árabe in Córdoba

The following overview lists the visiting hours for Casa Árabe in Córdoba. The hours of the current day (today) are highlighted. Please note that opening hours on special days or holidays may differ from what is displayed here. We therefore recommend you to always check the opening hours with Casa Árabe before your visit.

Want to know when Casa Árabe is open? These are the opening hours:


Period I October - December
Period II January - March
Period III April - June
Period IV - July

The quarterly courses are:
Adults: 30 teaching hours and are taught from October to June.
Children: 24 teaching hours and are taught from October to June
The summer courses are intensive (60hs./mes) and semi-intensive (30hs./mes) and are taught in July.

Not all schedules are offered every quarter.

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