This is the overview of all museums in and around Donstiennes. There is one museum in Donstiennes itself. The list is sorted alphabetically. You can also check out things to see and do in Donstiennes.

Museum Address City Cat.Category
Donstiennes Mill Rue Couture 144 Donstiennes
Specialized & Alternative
Centre de Découverte du chemin de fer Vicinal Rue du Fosteau 2a Thuin
Science & Technology
Fosteau Castle Rue du Marquis 1 Leers-et-Fosteau
Specialized & Alternative
Le Bois du Cazier Rue du cazier 80 Marcinelle
History & Anthropology
Museum of the Salamande Tower Grand Place 10 Beaumont
History & Anthropology
Musée de la Photographie à Charleroi Paul Pasteur laan 11 Mont-sur-Marchienne
Art & Design
WhichMuseum – made in Amsterdam

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Information for museums.


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