Available countries and cities

We're working hard to extend our website. On this page all countries and cities currently avaiable are listed. A green check mark means we list all museums in this country, orange means we've already added some cities in this country.

  Austria    90 museums
  Belgium    1,158 museums
  Bulgaria    57 museums
  Croatia    32 museums
  Czechia    95 museums
  Denmark    65 museums
  England    2,196 museums
  Estonia    43 museums
  Finland    42 museums
  France    203 museums
  Germany    465 museums
  Greece    80 museums
  Hungary    61 museums
  Ireland    46 museums
  Italy    479 museums
  Latvia    42 museums
  Lithuania    31 museums
  Northern Ireland    60 museums
  Poland    173 museums
  Portugal    62 museums
  Romania    50 museums
  Scotland    373 museums
  Slovakia    24 museums
  Spain    331 museums
  Sweden    75 museums
  The Netherlands    1,232 museums
  Wales    159 museums
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